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Moving Ideas!

So it’s only been… what… almost 6 months since we moved??  Better late than never, right?!?!?  I really wanted to pass on some of the tips and tricks I picked up while moving.  Granted, we were moving 10 minutes away not cross-country, so we weren’t forced to be suuuuuuuuper organized. But I do love how everything turned out!  It really did go super well!
Moving ideas at
I based much of my moving plans on these two inspirations on Pinterest.
Moving inspirations from Pinterest
Moving inspirations from Pinterest
Also… Let’s be honest… a few months before we moved, my favorite Emily moved.  I totally watched her and ripped everything off.  It’s the story of my life!
I had everything in a 3 ring binder notebook that I carried around with me as I was packing to record what was in which box.  A couple page protector sleeves in it was nice for storing the labels.  Makes them easier to find the room you’re packing in.  I got 3 colors… One color for upstairs, one for downstairs, and one for the garage.  So I had 3 page protectors and kept each colored labels in each one.
Moving ideas at
 I *LOVED* how easy this routine made it for everyone helping us move !  (I was 8.5 months pregnant at the time, so all the friends who helped us move were absolute lifesavers!!)  Everyone automatically knew which level/area each box went at a glance by simply looking at the color of the label.
I started packing non-essentials and stuff I didn’t use much asap.  The sooner you start so you’re not packing EVERYTHING all at once the better!
Moving ideas at
The labels I ordered were from Amazon… They make life SO much easier to have preprinted.  I printed the sheets off then packed away.  So simple!!!!
I have found that they don’t necessarily stay on the best all on their own… So just to make sure they stay on the box a small piece of packing tape is a good fix.  Unless you have an Emma in your house who likes peel off any labels.  Then 2 large pieces of tape covering the whole label is in order.  Ha!  It kinda defeats the whole purpose if your kiddo rips all the labels off all the boxes.
Moving ideas at
 I hate moving (I want to live and die in this house!) but having a game plan helps i.m.m.e.n.s.e.l.y!!!  It made me feel like I was approaching a challenge that I could conquer!
Moving ideas at
And bonus!  Here are free printables for my moving notebook and my labels… If you can use them, AWESOME!!!!
 If you found this post, you’re probably moving… So good luck with that!  Hope it goes super well for you!!!

He’s here!

Exactly 7 days after we whirlwind-moved and a whole 9 days early

(He was SUPPOSED to come late!)


our dear little man is here!



New little Man is here!!!

He’s adorable and we love him dearly!

…Even if he DID come early and change all our plans! Ha!!


I’ll fill y’all in on the state of the new house and moving and all that when I restabilize!! 🙂

Photo-Book Gift Idea!

So I’m posting this a bit late for Mother’s Day gift ideas… Especially since it takes a while to create since this is a low cost/highly time consuming present.  But I love – love – love how it turned out!


Photo/Recipe Book gift by

 It’s chock full of old pictures…

Recipes that we made over and over when I was growing up…

And lots of memories that are tied up with those recipes…


Photo/Recipe Book gift by

 I used Shutterfly but there are lots of really great companies to use for photo books!

Check out the full version of the book!

Click here to view this photo book on Shutterfly!

Of new refrigerators!

So I haven’t shown off our new fridge yet.  I seriously love this thing!!

Craigslist find of the month!!

And yes, we now have 3 different colors of appliances. lol!

Our goal is to slowly replace all our appliances with stainless steel.  That way when we move and either sell or rent this house, it’ll show better with SS appliances. 🙂

So… Refrigerator down… Microwave, stove, and dishwasher to go!!

Bonus: I get to watch this guy in snoopy pajamas put the doors back on! 😉

Yes.  Be jealous ladies.


Ohmygoodness… I’m alive?!?!?

So you might have missed me lately…


…Or maybe you didn’t even notice I haven’t posted in a while?





Anyway… I just got done with a weekend of NCHEA. (The annual Nebraska Homeschool Conference.)  I am on staff for the Kid’s Conference side of things.  Basically we take care of 300+ homeschool kids for 2 days while their parents attend the adult conference to purchase their curriculum, listen to speakers, and just generally be encouraged.  It’s a total blast!!!  We plan for it 6-8 months prior to the Conference each year, but it’s COMPLETELY all-consuming once it gets close!




In hindsight, a heads up that I would be tooootally falling off the map BEFORE would have been better, but by the time I realized I was a goner, it was too late.


Kinda like riding a roller coaster.

When you’re going up that enormous incline, make sure to start screaming BEFORE you go racing back down, otherwise you’ll be petrified and unable to make a sound.  And if you’re unable to make a sound, generally you’ll look like this guy third from the front.

roller coaster



Or maybe that’s just me? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s how I look on roller coasters.  Wanna laugh?  Check out The 31 Greatest Roller Coaster Pictures.



Anyway… I digress…


I’ll return shortly with my regularly programmed posts.


Let me just recover from the roller coaster ride! 😉

Word to the wise:

Never think to yourself…


“Self… You’re just painting a little.  You’re just rolling paint on with a foam roller and a chevron stencil.” - CUTE Chevon!!


“No need to change clothes… I’m SURE you’ll be fine!” - Bad painting experience!

Because it will be at THAT point that you sit on the roller full of paint.




Don’t ask.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Pins of the Week…

Off to another week of pins… Gotta love me some Pinterest baby! 🙂


Sometimes I wonder about putting these Pins of the Week posts together, but there’s just so many FAN-tas-TIC ideas out there that I just want to show off my favorites!!






PINS of the Week by 1



Concrete material you can trowel on over your outdated laminate countertops?    I say yes please!!  Great tutorial by Kara Paslay Designs.

PINS of the Week by 2


Like the ladder here!!  If I needed bunk beds for multiple kiddos, I’d love built-ins like this by 4 Men 1 Lady!

PINS of the Week by 3


Love this staircase so much!!  Absolutely gorgeous!

PINS of the Week by 4


Unique! Like the switch of pattern on ceiling with neutral walls.

PINS of the Week by 5


Love this knock off by I Heart Naptime!

PINS of the Week by 6


I love this bathroom so much!  Lovely!

PINS of the Week by 7


Adorable tablecloth tutorial by iCandy.  Cuteness!

PINS of the Week by 8


GORGEOUS kitchen!  Love the tile… The cabinets… The open shelving… The bright and happy…  Love!

PINS of the Week by 9


FANTASTIC bedroom for guests or if you have multiple kids!  Soooo pretty!

PINS of the Week by 10


Daily Odd Compliments crack me up so much.  They’re so wonderfully random!!

How candles are made at Master’s Hand Candle Co…

So in November, you might have noticed I didn’t have a lot of projects to post about… Part of the reason for that was that I was actually gone off and on for a couple weeks.  I was up in Tekamah, NE at my mom’s shop, Master’s Hand Candle Co. & Gift Shop.

What was I doing up there? Why pouring candles, of course!  Since getting married, I don’t spend much time up there anymore… But I do go up every fall to pour.


And I got to thinking… Perhaps all of you would enjoy seeing how that all works!


We have poured up to 15,000 candles in a year before, so it really is quite the project!  Especially since candle pouring “season” is from October-December.  The reason being before October it’s too hot to add more heat with the melter…  After December it’s craaaaaazy cold where I pour!


So long story short, I gotta pour a whole lotta candles in a short amount of time!



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

This is my melter.  Believe it or not… This is the small one.  I use it for small batches or my “re-pour” batches.  Don’t know what re-pour is?  Hang on… I’ll cover that! 🙂



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

This is the wax after it has fragrance and color in it.   It’s perfectly clear except for the slight color… And OOOOH-WEEEEE it’s s.t.r.o.n.g!



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

Here I am in full swing… When I am really going, I can pour 1000+ candles a day!  Every single one is hand poured by yours truly.



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

These candles are fully cooled.  The black things go on the top and the wicks snap into the middle to keep them taunt while the candles cool and contract.



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

Christmas Cabernet! Yum!



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

After the candles cool, you’ll notice the wax sinks down.  Sometimes it even leaves gaping holes down the middle.  This makes a “re-pour” necessary. (I told you I’d get around to that!! 🙂 )



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

Here are the re-pours where I’m topping off the candles to finish them off and make the perfect candle we know and love.



How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

Little known fact:  That’s often why with cheap candles they’ll smell good when you first start burning them then after a while they just don’t smell as strong.  They heavily scent the re-pour but the main candle hardly has any fragrance in it.  Sneaky sneaky! 😉


How Master's Hand Candle Company's candles are poured at

And taaa-daaa!  Finished candles! These are the 9 best-selling Christmas fragrances.  You should see the whole shelf of 70+ fragrances!  Better yet… Make your way to Tekamah, NE and see for yourself!! 🙂

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