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Tutorials on Pom-Poms, Chinese Lanterns, and MORE!

Okay….. Now!  How did I do all these hanging goodies???


Girl Nursery Making Poms




(AKA: My favorite)

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So this one was suuuuper easy and suuuuuuuuper time consuming.  But totally worth it and it will steal your heart!


I got the original idea from this girl at Ada’s Interior Design!

Ahhh-mazing, no??!

Girl Nursery 6

Anyway… I just grabbed 2 packages of coffee filters… (Dude, they’re like .89 a package! Isn’t this a cheap upgrade??!)

Take a filter, pinch the center with one hand, and pull up the coffee filter with the other.

Girl Nursery 7

I simply started in one spot at the top and began working my way down.

Nursery Snapshot

I used a low-heat glue gun because that’s what I had at the time.  Ada suggested using the low-heat as well because the big high heat gun can leave some definite marks on one’s skin if you know what I mean!  OUCH!

Girl Nursery 10

Just put some glue on the tip of the coffee filter and shove onto the Chinese lantern, keeping them all pretty close so as to avoid bare patches.

Girl Nursery 11

Be prepared.  It takes a while.

Girl Nursery 12

A looooong while.  BUT it’s AWESOME when it’s done!!!!



Girl Nursery Making Poms



Be forewarned…

Less than ideal, taken-late-at-night-when-lighting-was-bad pictures will follow on this next one….


Girl Nursery 14

Observe my attractive pj-wear!   😉

Handsome Man’s STUD Scooby-Doo pajamas!  Jealous??!

(Scooby-Doo pajama’s suggested but are optional when making this lantern)

I had a few faded ugly brown lanterns so I decided they definitely needed an upgrade.  I chose bright, happy orange to cover it and it totally works!

Girl Nursery 16

This one was super easy AND super quick.  I like those!

Again, low-heat glue gun…. Cut tissue paper into strips.  My strips were approximately 4 inches wide.  Cut scallops… (Or zig-zags… Or fringe…. Or whatever you prefer)

Starting at the bottom, hot glue round and round the Chinese lantern and push the top of the strip into the hot glue trail.

Like I said, suuuuper easy!

I think I got the idea from here?  It was on my Pinterest board anyway!


Girl Nursery Making Poms

I didn’t really bother doing a tutorial on these guys because everyone and their dog has a tutorial on how to do them.

Nursery Hanging Pom

I used THIS tutorial…. The only change I made was that I used like twice as many sheets of tissue paper as I did the first one and decided I wanted them fuller.  And you KNOW how I feel about fullness, right??! 🙂


Girl Nursery Making Poms

Because I like glitter, at least one of these fellows had to be sparkly!

And no… I didn’t have a tutorial for this…

And no…. I’ve never seen anyone do it…

And no… I had NO clue what I was doing…

But really? When has that ever stopped us before?

Are you with me????

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So yeah… I just spray painted the ugly faded brown Chinese lantern with regular gray spray paint and threw iridescent glitter on it as I went along.  No science to it at all…  Just wing it! 😉

I think that pretty much covers all the DIY stuff I hung….  As previously mentioned I got the yellow Chinese lanterns and the pink POLKA DOT lanterns at Hobby Lobby.  I love them a lot.  😉

Girl Nursery Making Poms

Of Chinese lanterns… and pom-poms… and pennants, oh MY!!!

Ahhhh yes… one of my favorite additions to our little lady’s nursery!


The Chinese lantern/pom-pom/pennant hang-y thing above her crib!


Something I totally envisioned in this inspiration post from waaaay baaaaack when!


Girl Nursery Chinese Lanterns/Pom Poms/Pennants

 Isn’t it to die for???  I can just imagine her getting such a kick looking up at all the bright happy colors!  This will certainly ensure a happy baby, right??!

*crossing fingers*  Haha!


On to how I rigged this thing.  I found lots of tutorials on how to make all the pom-poms, etc… But no tutorials on how to hang the things!  So this is probably NOT the best way to do it… just what worked for me! lol!

First of all… I wanted to make sure this thing was suuuuuper secure.  Even though it’s all tissue paper and coffee filters, it’s all surprisingly heavy!

Nursery Hanging

And because I didn’t take pictures of this step, you get a crudely drawn example of what I did!  Aren’t you special!??!

And don’t knock it!  That special little attempt and showing you how I hung this thing took me like 10 minutes to do! 😉


You’ll never see any of this once it’s all up… But I preferred having 2 larger holes in the ceiling as opposed to lots and lots of little holes.

 I screwed 2 hooks into the studs in the ceiling. Those puppies are secure and totally not going anywhere.  You’re welcome, small baby.  Now hopefully this thing won’t come crashing down on you mid-nap! 😉

I had some of these really long branches (at least 5.5 ft long) that were about an inch thick. They’re super straight and pretty much look like a really long dowel.  But if you didn’t have free branches that were really long, straight, and skinny, you could totally use a dowel too.

I then tied the branch to the hooks with ribbon.  Tightly.  With many knots.

I know…. Probably being paranoid with the whole “falling on my child” thing.  Still.  That sucker isn’t going anywhere and that makes me feel better! 😉

After I jerry-rigged this whole thing, I proceeded to hang the various Chinese lanterns, pom-poms, and pennants.

Nursery Hanging

Yes… It’s okay… You can admit you’re impressed!

Not one, but TWO crude drawings!  All in one post!  Wow.

I just hung it all at whatever hight looked right to me by tying ribbon from the branch to whatever hanging thing I was putting up there at the time.  Super easy and no… Not really any method to my madness.  Like I said, I just hung them wherever they looked good to me.

The little lady's room!

As of Friday, this is what it looked like. Cute, I suppose? But just not as full as I would have liked.  And FULL is definitely what you’re going for in this case.

So… it was off to Hobby Lobby I went.

I bought a package of 3 bright yellow Chinese lanterns for 7.99 (WITH a 40% off coupon, if you’re reading this, dear! 😉 )

A 3 pack of pink polka dot Chinese lanterns for 4.99 (Without a coupon… BUT they are POLKA DOT people!!!!)

And a 3 pack of bright happy blue tissue pom pons for 4.99. (I made all the other pom-poms, but didn’t have this color of tissue paper.  It TOTALLY brightens up the whole thing!)

And so for not-very-much-$$$ I now have this…

Girl Nursery Reveal

Soooooo much better, right?!?!?   BRIGHTER! HAPPIER! And best of all, FULLER!!!


Anyhoo…. that’s all there is to it!  Go have fun and try it!!!

What’s the WORST that could happen, right?

(I suppose we’ve already established that the worst thing that could happen is that it falls on your small child, huh?  Just hang it securely!  Then hopefully you can avoid that little issue! 😉  )

Girl Nursery Chinese Lanterns/Pom Poms/Pennants

Soooo…. Following this post, I’ll have a tutorial on:

Girl Nursery Pom-Poms

The big white one that uses a Chinese lantern and coffee filters…

(I LOVE this one!  Time consuming, but cheap and ca-UTE!

Girl Nursery Pom-Poms

This one that uses a Chinese lantern and tissue paper…

Nursery Hanging Pom

And even link to some tissue paper pom-pom tutorials!

Linked up at:

Not Just a Housewife

DIY Free Shelving!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Yes… I made all these shelves for free.  I just used oodles of my odds and ends scrap wood downstairs.  Now I realize that not everyone has a bunch of scrap wood in their basement….  But you could also do them for free if you used pallets… Or at the very least you could make these super inexpensively even if you went out and bought the wood from a home improvement store!   This is a CRAZY easy project that almost ANYONE could do! Seriously just try it!!!



I needed:

*Wood in varying lengths and widths


*Drill bits



Yes… You’ll need 4 items.  I told you it was easy!!!


You’ll need to overlook the quality of the photos… Try taking pictures AND drilling a hole at the same time.  It’s interesting to say the least!!! 😉


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used all 1×4’s for the “bases” of the shelves, old lathe from when we ripped out the lathe and plaster walls for the “fronts” and then I used a variety of 1×4’s and 1×6’s for the “backs”.   I did this because I didn’t want to go out and buy more lumber so they were all the same I like the variety! 😉   I actually do like the variety and how they turned out though! Haha!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I always drilled pilot holes before screwing the pieces together… It REALLY helps with preventing the wood from cracking or accidentally putting the screw in a bit crooked and so it pops out the side… I screwed the back to the bottom of the shelf first and then finished with the front piece.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used screws for more stability when attaching the bottom and back 1x’s but I just used finished nails on the frontside.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

You’ll notice I have quite the variety of woods and some of the lathe even has plaster on it yet…  That didn’t matter to me since I was planning on painting these fellows.  If you were wanting to stain them and go with the natural wood look, you’ll want to get more similar wood so that it all takes the stain the same! 🙂

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

See what I mean?!?!?!  SIMPLE construction… SUPER easy to put together… And it’s a REALLY quick project!!!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I simply gave them the usual 1 coat of primer and 2 topcoats of a water-based latex paint…  Don’t you LOVE the little bits of plaster still on the lathe?!?!?   I think it’s awesome!!!


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

This is looking from the top of the stairs.

Most of the shelving went here on the stairway… This enormously tall wall totally needed SOMETHING but it couldn’t be anything too wide since it was on the stairway and we were only dealing with so much space.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

My sad empty wall from down the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -


Again… This is from the top of the stairs looking down.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I love how the simple construction of the shelves really seems to show off what’s ON the shelves!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Looking up from the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Don’tcha just love ’em??!?!

*Happy Sigh*

I simply LOVE the idea of gallery shelves because I like to move things all. the. time. but with the lathe and plaster, don’t want to be filling nail holes all the time.  With the shelves, I can move the art and other items as much as my little heart pleases!

Can’t say it enough times… Just try it!!!  You’ll love these guys!!!

What’s the worst that could happen?!?!?  😉

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Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

The DIY I’m going to concentrate on in this post is the numbered top on this awesome bench!


Even though I did build the bench myself out of pallets…

Even though I do love it a lot…

And even though I am proud of the end result…


The step-by-step process of building it is appalling.  LOL!

I don’t think I measured much of anything…

totally eyeballed as much as I could…

Few screws here…. Few screws there….  Eh!  Looks good!!!  🙂

Oh!  And I built this before I was blogging.  And didn’t take pictures!  That’s a good excuse!   Just forget I said anything!!!


can’t blog step-by-step DIY on building the pallet bench because I neglected to take pictures!!! Haha!!  That totally sounds better, right?!?!


Really though…. It was SUPER easy to build.  It took 2 pallets, some 1×4’s that I had on hand for the base underneath, and some random 2x’s I had in the basement for the top.  Suuuuuuper easy and FREE for me since I had everything on hand!  Yippee!



After I painted 1 coat primer, and 2 coats of a semi-gloss latex paint, it looked really pretty good!  But I had something even better in mind!



I was inspired by this piece from Sisters of the Wild West.  And they were inspired by a Pottery Barn wall piece.  Dont’cha love how inspiration works?!?!?


Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by I simply printed a document of the numbers 1-9 in like 5 different fonts in various sizes.  Typically one number per page.  This is simply going to be a matter of preference.  Then I spent the next couple hours watching “Psych” and cutting out numbers.  Yeah.  It was awesome.  😉


After they were all cut out, I randomly arranged and re-arranged the numbers in various directions all over the top till it was completely covered.  Absolutely no method to the madness, just in case you’re wondering!!! 😉

I taped them down and then put various weights around the edges of the numbers to get a crisper line.  I wasn’t too worried about getting a super crisp line since I would be distressing it a bit.   If you were really particular about it, you could do this in vinyl too I suppose?



Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Next step: Have a Handsome Man spray paint the top for you.  I mean, you could do it yourself, but as for me…. I let him spray paint whenever possible!  It’s one of his secret talents! 😉


Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Again…. I wasn’t too worried about getting a super crisp line since I would be distressing the top later.



Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Hello happy numbers!  🙂

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

This is right after the numbers were painted.

 It was at this point, Handsome Man calmly stated, “it looks like something from a horror movie.”

“It looks like WHAT?!?!?”  I said.

“You know… it looks like something from that movie…. Oh what’s it called?  It’s about a guy who deciphers codes and stuff?”

“A Beautiful Mind???”

“Yeah.  That’s it.”

Because “horror movie” is exactly the genre I put “A Beautiful Mind” in.

Granted I wasn’t a big fan of the whole story line…  Can’t say it was my best use of 2 hours.

Man deciphers codes for the government until the end when you find out he’s not deciphering anything for the government after all.  He’s just schizophrenic.

Anyway!  I decided that maybe if there wasn’t quite so much contrast between the gray numbers and the white top, it wouldn’t look so “HORROR MOVIE-ISH!”

So out came the glaze.  I just used whatever I had on hand.  It was a clear glaze that you use sponge painting walls, etc. mixed with some gray paint.

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by


Brush it on. Wipe it off.

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

LOVING the finished product and Handsome Man doesn’t even seem to mind the numbers now!!  (Not that he’ll admit, anyway! lol!)

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Need to get big baskets, etc. to style the bottom…  But I love the space down there!!

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

*happy sigh*

Not bad for FREE, eh?!?!

Easy DIY Numbered Pallet Bench by

Creating with the Stars: Week 3 Link-up


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Power of Paint Linky Party at Domestically Speaking
Beyond The Picket Fence


Cheap 80’s Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off…

What do you do when you’re drooling over Ballard Designs and Restoration Hardware’s light fixtures but spending that much is totally not in the budget???


Make a knock-off!!!! 🙂



Say hello to my little friend!

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

Here’s the run-down.




All I needed was a bolt of this….



It lasts foooooorever….  Probably coulda done 30 lights with this! 😉



One of these did 2 lights….



And 2 lights that looked something like this.  Not a fan of the 80’s brass myself and kinda prefer the black look!  I paid $15.00 each at Habitat for Humanity.

I just hand painted all the brass with some black latex paint I had on sale.  You can actually take some of these lanterns apart, take the glass out, and spray paint them.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t with these, so I just hand painted and then scraped any extra paint off the glass with a glass scraper.


After the paint dried, Handsome Man installed the lights for me.  They looked pretty good but I didn’t like the chain.  Still a little too 80’s for me.


So… That’s when I twisted rope around the chain and I TOTALLY LURVE it now!!!!  Looks like something from Restoration Hardware or Ballard Designs without the hefty price tag!  😉  I think it was easier to wrap the rope after it was installed, even if my arms WERE killing me by the time I was done! 🙂

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

I simply looped the rope around the top hook and used a white cable tie to secure it. (Otherwise known as zippy strips.)   Then I wrapped the rope REALLY tightly around and round the chain securing it at the bottom with another white cable tie.  Then I used the thin sisal string to cover up the cable ties by wrapping it around and round on top of them top and bottom.


80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

All said and done, each one cost less than $20.00 and some time!

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

I kinda love the reflection that shines up on the ceiling too! 🙂


80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

Yes…  Try to ignore all the dust I didn’t bother to scrub off before I took the picture… 😉


80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

(Observe the “mood lighting” (AKA: rope lighting) that Handsome Man installed above the crown molding.  It’s kinda awesome at night for just a low light!

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

Not a bad price when you compare to these favorites from Ballard Designs and Restoration Hardware.

T_WithoutZoom{Ballard Designs}



{Restoration Hardware}

On sale for $569.99


{Restoration Hardware}

Between $150.00-$350.00

So yeah.  Pretty happy about my very inexpensive knock-offs!!! 😉

Check out the original Dining Room Post.

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real


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Beyond The Picket Fence

Check out the DIY built-in coffee bar that’s rockin’ my dining room!!



DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

You know how I mentioned that I have a tendency to do projects at my friend, Emily’s house… Fall in love with them… And then re-create the project in my own house?

Yeah… Guilty again.


My coffee bar is no exception.  That goes for the upper cabinets anyway…


DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

We already had this buffet that fits PERFECTLY in this space.  It actually belonged to Handsome Man’s great-grandparents.  I got it from his grandpa’s auction before we were even “official.”  We were “just friends” at the time.

Didn’t THAT work out well?? 🙂

It was soooooo empty up there though…. and all that storage I was missing out on….  I was totally itching to re-create Emily’s built-in coffee bar!

And yes, unbeknownst to me, I was photographing my terribly attractive blue pj’s with clouds all over them.  Sexy, right?  😉

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

You guys must think I never do anything!!! All these pictures of Sam working oh, so, hard.  Honest!  Right before I took this picture, I was holding those cabinets up by myself while Sam screwed them into place!  Haha!!!

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

I’ll go ahead and mention… Even though I don’t know a whole lot about this part…

When he was screwing the cabinets together, he mentioned that you should always drill pilot holes so the cabinets don’t crack and something about he was screwing at an angle because it actually gives more support.

That, and those were the only finish screws we had on hand and we didn’t want to make a trip just to get more finish screws. lol!   They were a shade too long, but if he put them in at an angle, they were perfect!  My man is so smart. 🙂

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

Clooooose up!

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

4 little cabinets, all in a row!  Now bring on the paint, baby!

We finished off the sides and underside of the cabinets with bead board.  We also inserted 1x’s on the underside between the cabinets and the bead board for the cup hooks you’ll see later

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

You know the drill…


2 top coats…

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

Looking clooooser!!!

We added an old scrap 2×4 up top to attach the crown molding to.

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

The crown molding TOTALLY finishes it off!  It looks AWESOME!!!

A post on how to install crown molding coming soon!!!! 🙂

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

Look!!! It’s me!!!!  And I’m working!

That’s my arm screwing in cup hooks for out mugs to hang on.

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After


This built-in coffee bar is ready to roll, baby!!!

DIY Show Off


How DIY batten walls saved our lathe & plaster dining room…


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


As you can see…. Our dining room walls were a mess.  They were lathe and plaster and extremely cracked.  And to top it all off, they were COVERED with layers and layers of wallpaper like so many old houses are.  By this time the dining room came around, we had demolished and moved so many lathe and plaster walls that I was in NO mood to rip out all the lathe and plaster in ANOTHER room and drywall it.

And therefore… Necessity is the mother of other creative options that mean less dust.

Or something like that.  However the line goes.  😉 lol!

So enjoy the sega of how we went from

DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls

To this!



Step 1: Remove the loose wallpaper.  Don’t worry about getting it all…. I’ll explain that part later.



Step 2: Seal remaining wallpaper and upper walls (That will not be behind the batten walls) with GARDZ by Zinsser.



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls Step 3: We just used 1/8 inch thick sheeting found in the panelling section.  You can skip this step if you are doing this on nice drywall walls and don’t need to cover up cracks and just less than ideal walls! 🙂



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 4: We used 1×4’s for the batten… battens… whatever you call those boards.  😉   I opted for a taller batten wall to both cover more cracks and we have super tall ceilings so it just seemed more proportionate.  Feel free to do whatever suits your fancy!  We did the horizontal pieces and then the vertical ones but again, do whatever makes sense to you.  We didn’t glue them since we put them every 18 inches on the original studs behind the lathe and plaster.  We just went crazy with our handy dandy finish nail gun. 🙂


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 5: If you look closely, you’ll see that we used 1×2’s along the topside to finish it off.  Again, that is just a matter of preference as to how you handle the top.  There’s about as many ways as there are various shaped of trim.  And that’s a lot! 🙂


DIY in Real Life: How to Install DIY Batten Walls


Step 6:  Finally!!!!  Those cracked walls ABOVE the batten.  I had you wondering, didn’t I??  I textured the walls.  Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures of that step.  *Sigh*

All I did was get a bucket of drywall mud and a 8 inch drywall knife.  There was absolutely NO method to my madness!

Slap it on,

spread it around,

and kinda scrape it back off in a slight random curved motion.

ABSOLUTELY no right or wrong way to do this.  I didn’t leave a whole lot of mud on the wall because I didn’t want a TON of texture.  Just enough to hide what was behind it.


It worked PERFECTLY!!!!   Love the walls now and you totally can’t tell that they were in such bad shape at one time!  Score!!!


Step 7: Caulk all the cracks in the batten walls.  You MUST do this step because that’s really what finishes it off!!!


Step 8:  After the drywall texture has throughly dried, quickly and lightly scrape all of it.  that just takes of the pokey high spots and makes it look more finished



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 9: Paint 1 coat of primer on both the batten walls and the textured walls.


Step 10: Topcoat both as desired.  It took 2 coats of white high gloss for the batten and 3 coats of the red satin for the upper walls. (It only took 3 because I didn’t use a tinted primer and because I was painting a deep red.  Reds don’t cover the greatest! 😉 )


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


The finished product!


I TOTALLY loved this super easy fix to really lousy walls!  Even if you DON’T have lousy walls, this is an AWESOME fix!!!




Check out some of my inspiration for the Batten Wall re-do!






Just a Girl has an AWESOME step-by-step tutorial!





I just read this week about how Young House Love just did a batten wall in their hallway and it really MADE their hallway! They used much thinner boards and I’m digging it!!! Fantastic!  Awesome tutorial and cost break-down.

And there are OODLES of other tutorials and styles of batten walls out there!  Get out there and just TRY it!!!  You’ll be AMAZED at how easy it is for the impact it will make!

DIY Show Off


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Spring? Where art thou? A DIY on fancying up a cheap pitcher!

Yes… We got a skiff of snow last night and Spring doesn’t feel very close at all.


The groundhog lied.

And I’m pretty sure the robins are regretting their decision to come back so soon.



Regardless….  I’m in the mood to post something SPRING-Y!


DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

This was a SUPER easy project that you could totally do while curled up on the warm couch watching a movie.

This makes me think of outdoor parties… and having friends over… and grilling… and well…

SPRING!!! lol!

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

All you need are cheap glass pitchers… (I got these at Wal-Mart)

Copper wire… Or any finish wire, I suppose? (I used stripped electrical wire, actually. Cause that’s just what I had lying around if I remember right.  Craft wire from a hobby store would work too as long as it doesn’t rust?)

Beads of choice…

And a pliers/wire cutters/jewelry tools/etc… Use whatever your weapon of choice is.  😉

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

As you can see close up…. I just wrapped the wire round and round the handle adding curlies here and there along with the occasional beads.  Super easy!

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

I even made some napkin rings while I was at it.

The only downside?  Ummm…. In this picture, it looks like pee.

Sorry about that.

I didn’t have lemonade on hand so I just used yellow food coloring.

Yeah…  Not really convincing.



Home Stories A2Z
DIY Show Off

Linky Party going down at: Today’s Creative!!!


Fine Craft Guild

How to Paint Clouds for Non-Artists!

DIY in Real Life: How To Paint Clouds for Non-Artists!


So…. I’m not an artist.

Not by a long shot…

A very VERY long shot….

I mean we’re talking best sniper in the military LOOOOOOOONG shot.

Yes, I love to paint flat surfaces… But I like to paint them all one color.  Maybe two or three with the help of tape for lines.

I don’t do artist-y things.  Ever.

Creative? Yes, perhaps.

Artist-y? No.

So when my friend (the-overly-confident-in-my-artsy-abilities-Angela) said she would love clouds on the upper walls and ceiling… I freaked out.  Inwardly.

I’m sure that my confident bluffing as I said, “Sure!  Why not!  Let’s try it! WHAT’S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN??!” totally fooled her! 😉

So I did what any normal person in this situation would do.

I looked it up on YouTube and Pinterest.  (My heroes!)

These are some of the inspiration photos I looked at on Pinterest:



This one came with a wee bit of a tutorial… I didn’t really follow it, but they were a good basis for when I ended up just “winging it.” Haha!



Yes… These clouds are totally better than mine.  I’ll totally admit it.

The key is just going for it!!!!!  Even if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not an artist!  What’s the worst that happens??!!  You merely re-paint over it and try again?!?!?  That’s not so bad!!!

Then I just looked at pictures of lots of real clouds.  Google Images is magic! 🙂

Then… SINK or SWIM…

I went for it!!!


I hand mixed several colors with the white, blue, and gray I used for the walls.

4 colors are what I ended up with.


Lighter Blue (Mixed about 1/2 and 1/2 of the white and the blue)

Lighter Gray  (Mixed about 1/2 and 1/2 of the white and the gray)


Blu-ish Gray (Mixed about 1/3 white, 1/3 blue and 1/3 gray)

Then I used those cheap sea sponges.

Yes… I totally forgot to get a picture.  Shame on me.

They are pretty standard though… They’re in the paint department at pretty much any home improvement store…

Craft Store…

Wal-Mart… 😉 lol!

And I grabbed a paper plate.

And just started at it!


First I did the main shape of the cloud in white…

Then I did the gray shadows…


Then I started blending along those gray shadows with the Blu-ish/Gray…


Added some of the blue here and there for depth…

(Okay real-artists… You should leave now.  I’m probably driving you completely out of your miiiiimd! Haha!)


And then finished blending it with white again.



Okay… Just to Re-interate…

I am NOT an artist!

BUT I tried it!

And it doesn’t look half bad!

And Levi (The little man munchkin that lives in this room now) apparently can’t stop looking at the clouds on the ceiling!  So at the end of the day, I’ll consider that  a smashing success!

So TRY it!  Just TRY it!!!

What’s the worst that could happen?!??!?!






Check out the nursery reveal I updated and the tutorial on how I managed to paint these super crisp lines quickly and easily!




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