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How DIY batten walls saved our lathe & plaster dining room…


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


As you can see…. Our dining room walls were a mess.  They were lathe and plaster and extremely cracked.  And to top it all off, they were COVERED with layers and layers of wallpaper like so many old houses are.  By this time the dining room came around, we had demolished and moved so many lathe and plaster walls that I was in NO mood to rip out all the lathe and plaster in ANOTHER room and drywall it.

And therefore… Necessity is the mother of other creative options that mean less dust.

Or something like that.  However the line goes.  😉 lol!

So enjoy the sega of how we went from

DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls

To this!



Step 1: Remove the loose wallpaper.  Don’t worry about getting it all…. I’ll explain that part later.



Step 2: Seal remaining wallpaper and upper walls (That will not be behind the batten walls) with GARDZ by Zinsser.



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls Step 3: We just used 1/8 inch thick sheeting found in the panelling section.  You can skip this step if you are doing this on nice drywall walls and don’t need to cover up cracks and just less than ideal walls! 🙂



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 4: We used 1×4’s for the batten… battens… whatever you call those boards.  😉   I opted for a taller batten wall to both cover more cracks and we have super tall ceilings so it just seemed more proportionate.  Feel free to do whatever suits your fancy!  We did the horizontal pieces and then the vertical ones but again, do whatever makes sense to you.  We didn’t glue them since we put them every 18 inches on the original studs behind the lathe and plaster.  We just went crazy with our handy dandy finish nail gun. 🙂


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 5: If you look closely, you’ll see that we used 1×2’s along the topside to finish it off.  Again, that is just a matter of preference as to how you handle the top.  There’s about as many ways as there are various shaped of trim.  And that’s a lot! 🙂


DIY in Real Life: How to Install DIY Batten Walls


Step 6:  Finally!!!!  Those cracked walls ABOVE the batten.  I had you wondering, didn’t I??  I textured the walls.  Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures of that step.  *Sigh*

All I did was get a bucket of drywall mud and a 8 inch drywall knife.  There was absolutely NO method to my madness!

Slap it on,

spread it around,

and kinda scrape it back off in a slight random curved motion.

ABSOLUTELY no right or wrong way to do this.  I didn’t leave a whole lot of mud on the wall because I didn’t want a TON of texture.  Just enough to hide what was behind it.


It worked PERFECTLY!!!!   Love the walls now and you totally can’t tell that they were in such bad shape at one time!  Score!!!


Step 7: Caulk all the cracks in the batten walls.  You MUST do this step because that’s really what finishes it off!!!


Step 8:  After the drywall texture has throughly dried, quickly and lightly scrape all of it.  that just takes of the pokey high spots and makes it look more finished



DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


Step 9: Paint 1 coat of primer on both the batten walls and the textured walls.


Step 10: Topcoat both as desired.  It took 2 coats of white high gloss for the batten and 3 coats of the red satin for the upper walls. (It only took 3 because I didn’t use a tinted primer and because I was painting a deep red.  Reds don’t cover the greatest! 😉 )


DIY in Real How to install batten walls over less than ideal walls


The finished product!


I TOTALLY loved this super easy fix to really lousy walls!  Even if you DON’T have lousy walls, this is an AWESOME fix!!!




Check out some of my inspiration for the Batten Wall re-do!






Just a Girl has an AWESOME step-by-step tutorial!





I just read this week about how Young House Love just did a batten wall in their hallway and it really MADE their hallway! They used much thinner boards and I’m digging it!!! Fantastic!  Awesome tutorial and cost break-down.

And there are OODLES of other tutorials and styles of batten walls out there!  Get out there and just TRY it!!!  You’ll be AMAZED at how easy it is for the impact it will make!

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Okay…. I may be a *little* obsessed with poufs now…




The downside?

I’m too cheap to buy one…



The upside?

This girl just did a blog post listing places you can buy and DIY tutorials!

(This is the post that did me in.  Now I’ve gotta have a floor pouf. Thanks.)





My favorite?



This Tutorial by Retropolitan using $3.00 IKEA floor mats.  While I don’t have an IKEA nearby, (yet!) I do have a lot of floor mats…  Free after rebate at Menards!!! 😉  I even managed to send in the rebates!  Yay me!


Just as soon as I decide to join in on this escapade, I’ll keep you posted! I kinda sew… But I’m not a seamstress.  So it could be amusing.  😉

Breakfast Nook Re-Do….

When we bought our foreclosure house, things were pretty rough….   The little breakfast nook was no exception.  I think this is the only picture we have of it pre-demolation.  All the pipes had burst in our entire house so we had to tear out the ceiling to re-do all the plumbing.

{Handsome Man hard at work…}

Little did we know…. Behind that simple flat ceiling with cardboard-like tiles was a ceiling with character!!

It angled up up to a peak, so we added wainscoting and a pennant light.

We’re still working on it and I CANNOT wait to show you the finished project!!!


Here are some of my favorite breakfast nook inspiration pictures!  Eye candy for your Wednesday! 🙂











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