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Of Chinese lanterns… and pom-poms… and pennants, oh MY!!!

Ahhhh yes… one of my favorite additions to our little lady’s nursery!


The Chinese lantern/pom-pom/pennant hang-y thing above her crib!


Something I totally envisioned in this inspiration post from waaaay baaaaack when!


Girl Nursery Chinese Lanterns/Pom Poms/Pennants

 Isn’t it to die for???  I can just imagine her getting such a kick looking up at all the bright happy colors!  This will certainly ensure a happy baby, right??!

*crossing fingers*  Haha!


On to how I rigged this thing.  I found lots of tutorials on how to make all the pom-poms, etc… But no tutorials on how to hang the things!  So this is probably NOT the best way to do it… just what worked for me! lol!

First of all… I wanted to make sure this thing was suuuuuper secure.  Even though it’s all tissue paper and coffee filters, it’s all surprisingly heavy!

Nursery Hanging

And because I didn’t take pictures of this step, you get a crudely drawn example of what I did!  Aren’t you special!??!

And don’t knock it!  That special little attempt and showing you how I hung this thing took me like 10 minutes to do! 😉


You’ll never see any of this once it’s all up… But I preferred having 2 larger holes in the ceiling as opposed to lots and lots of little holes.

 I screwed 2 hooks into the studs in the ceiling. Those puppies are secure and totally not going anywhere.  You’re welcome, small baby.  Now hopefully this thing won’t come crashing down on you mid-nap! 😉

I had some of these really long branches (at least 5.5 ft long) that were about an inch thick. They’re super straight and pretty much look like a really long dowel.  But if you didn’t have free branches that were really long, straight, and skinny, you could totally use a dowel too.

I then tied the branch to the hooks with ribbon.  Tightly.  With many knots.

I know…. Probably being paranoid with the whole “falling on my child” thing.  Still.  That sucker isn’t going anywhere and that makes me feel better! 😉

After I jerry-rigged this whole thing, I proceeded to hang the various Chinese lanterns, pom-poms, and pennants.

Nursery Hanging

Yes… It’s okay… You can admit you’re impressed!

Not one, but TWO crude drawings!  All in one post!  Wow.

I just hung it all at whatever hight looked right to me by tying ribbon from the branch to whatever hanging thing I was putting up there at the time.  Super easy and no… Not really any method to my madness.  Like I said, I just hung them wherever they looked good to me.

The little lady's room!

As of Friday, this is what it looked like. Cute, I suppose? But just not as full as I would have liked.  And FULL is definitely what you’re going for in this case.

So… it was off to Hobby Lobby I went.

I bought a package of 3 bright yellow Chinese lanterns for 7.99 (WITH a 40% off coupon, if you’re reading this, dear! 😉 )

A 3 pack of pink polka dot Chinese lanterns for 4.99 (Without a coupon… BUT they are POLKA DOT people!!!!)

And a 3 pack of bright happy blue tissue pom pons for 4.99. (I made all the other pom-poms, but didn’t have this color of tissue paper.  It TOTALLY brightens up the whole thing!)

And so for not-very-much-$$$ I now have this…

Girl Nursery Reveal

Soooooo much better, right?!?!?   BRIGHTER! HAPPIER! And best of all, FULLER!!!


Anyhoo…. that’s all there is to it!  Go have fun and try it!!!

What’s the WORST that could happen, right?

(I suppose we’ve already established that the worst thing that could happen is that it falls on your small child, huh?  Just hang it securely!  Then hopefully you can avoid that little issue! 😉  )

Girl Nursery Chinese Lanterns/Pom Poms/Pennants

Soooo…. Following this post, I’ll have a tutorial on:

Girl Nursery Pom-Poms

The big white one that uses a Chinese lantern and coffee filters…

(I LOVE this one!  Time consuming, but cheap and ca-UTE!

Girl Nursery Pom-Poms

This one that uses a Chinese lantern and tissue paper…

Nursery Hanging Pom

And even link to some tissue paper pom-pom tutorials!

Linked up at:

Not Just a Housewife

THE Nursery Reveal!

Finally, right???!



Girl Nursery Reveal!


Hey… In my defense…. I’ve slooooooowly been working on this!  It’s been a long process from catch-all storage room to my favorite nursery ever!  (And yes.  I realize I’m totally partial.)



This has been such a unique room to do!  Kid’s rooms are just plain fun I’ve realized!

So enough with the chit-chat already!!!




Girl Nursery Reveal

So many adorable details I can’t wait to highlight in future posts!

Girl Nursery Reveal

Ahhhh!  All the adorableness wrapped up in that bedding!  I can’t wait till the mattress arrives so I can officially have the bed ready! Eep!!

Girl Nursery Reveal

I’m totally can’t stop smiling as I post this.  Dorky, I know…. BUT this is so stinkin’ cute!!

Girl Nursery Reveal

Mucho Love-o the Chinese lanterns/pom-poms/pennants that I have going on here!  Pair that with a gray and white chevron wall and I’m just totally ecstatic!!!

Girl Nursery Reveal

Aren’t these branches and tissue paper flowers and book page flowers just too cute?!?!?   My cousins did these for my shower and I’ve totally fallen in love with them!

Can you believe we’ve come from THIS….

Girl Nursery Reveal

Girl Nursery Reveal

Girl Nursery Reveal





To this FINAL Reveal?!?!


Be looking for further details of:

*Tutorial on how to hang all the various pom-poms and lanterns above the crib

*Tutorials of all the various pom-poms and lanterns

*The branch curtain rods and curtains

*The chandelier light fixture

*The adorable lamp

*And MORE!!!

P.S.  Don’t forget the CUTEST ADDITION to the nursery!!!!!

Girl Nursery Reveal!

30+ Great Shelving Ideas!

Round Up- Shelving




Since I just posted about my free shelves last week… I thought I’d kick this week off with a collection of my favorite shelf ideas!  You’ll find an assortment of DIY shelves, ideas on how to style shelves, and more!


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves -




 Shanty 2 Chic did these shelves! These are super similar to my shelves… I love the stained wood look though too!


Tidbits from the Tremayne’s did a whole wall of gallery shelves… Kinda totally digging it!


And what would a shelving post  be without a pallet shelf in there somewhere? 🙂

Amanda Carver Designs did this one and I’m loving the weathered look to it!


Belle Maison did a tutorial on how to style shelves…  Which is awesome cause I totally just throw things up there and move them and move them and move them till it looks right to me! 😉


I like this post from Sawdust Girl for 2 reasons…  First it’s about styling bookshelves… Secondly it’s full of delicious eye-candy!  Lovin’ the pattern on the back of these shelves!



This was a Pinterest thing but the link is broken… Which is sad.  But awesome inspiration, no??


Gail’s Decorative Touch did this shelf.  So. Much. To. Look. At.

The shelf itself is awesome… Styling is even better… Yum!!!


Image from Country Living Magazine/photo by Lucas Allen

There’s so much about this room I love but check out those shelves in the back corner!  Mmmmmm~ Love!!!


Saw this on Houzz… You know how I diiiiiiig the slight industrial look!  Mmmmhmmmm!!!!

ShelvingIdeas11The girls at Beautiful Mess did this ladder shelf.  Not sure what I love more?  The concept of it or the happy yellow color they chose! 🙂 lol!


Better Homes and Gardens did an article on using baskets… But I’m just liking the styling of the shelves in this picture.


Check out this shelf from Ballard Designs…. YUM!


Luuuuuuuving these built-in’s that Thrifty Decor Chick did!  She used upper cabinets for the bases (similar to what we did with Emily’s Coffee Bar) and I’m liking them oodles!  Takes up less floor space and just looks more custom!


Sylvie Liv did these shelves and…. Yeah… Industrial love.


Jenna at SAS Interiors did an awesome tutorial… Gotta check this one out!!


Home Stories A to Z also did a tutorial on styling shelves… I love how she shows where she got all her accessories and I LOVE her creativity in where she found some of them!!!  Spray painted pet store coral?  Ummm…. Can you say genius??  Never would have thought of that!


You can buy this shelf from Cottage Chic Store, but it looks like something you could DIY too with a little work!



Totally digging the use of 2 corbels and a simple 2x!


I know, I know… Overkill on the industrial shelves in this post…  But this shelf from A Keen Life is awesome!


Our Vintage Home Love did this reclaimed lumber shelving (It’s a Restoration Hardware hack) Be still my heart.


A Pinterest find with no source.  Sad. But isn’t this a unique idea??!


Rope shelves?  Fun idea!!!


A Little Glass Box showed off her brilliant idea… Put foam board with wallpaper on back of bookshelf… That way you can change out when you get bored.


Organizing Junkie did a tutorial on organizing open shelves in the kitchen.  And yes. I AM in fact drooling over those shelves.  😉


Remodelando La Casa showed off her awesome built-in cabinets in her bedroom.  Love the bright white and super classy look!


Loving this Pottery Barn inspiration photo I found on Pinterest!  I like how they use the various wicker baskets. Great idea to hold cd’s, dvd’s, etc.


Liking these floating shelves from Thrifty Decor Chick!


This isn’t directly shelf-related but it does help with styling them!


I *LOVE* this!  I mean I’ve seen all manners of consoles, built-in cabinets, etc for TV/Media Centers, but this is new!  And I love it!   Life Thru a Linds showed how she did it!


One word.  Drool.

Vale Designs showed off their before and after…  Gorgeous!

Hope you’ve been as inspired as I have been!

Now go out and do some SHELVES!!!! 🙂

DIY Free Shelving!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Yes… I made all these shelves for free.  I just used oodles of my odds and ends scrap wood downstairs.  Now I realize that not everyone has a bunch of scrap wood in their basement….  But you could also do them for free if you used pallets… Or at the very least you could make these super inexpensively even if you went out and bought the wood from a home improvement store!   This is a CRAZY easy project that almost ANYONE could do! Seriously just try it!!!



I needed:

*Wood in varying lengths and widths


*Drill bits



Yes… You’ll need 4 items.  I told you it was easy!!!


You’ll need to overlook the quality of the photos… Try taking pictures AND drilling a hole at the same time.  It’s interesting to say the least!!! 😉


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used all 1×4’s for the “bases” of the shelves, old lathe from when we ripped out the lathe and plaster walls for the “fronts” and then I used a variety of 1×4’s and 1×6’s for the “backs”.   I did this because I didn’t want to go out and buy more lumber so they were all the same I like the variety! 😉   I actually do like the variety and how they turned out though! Haha!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I always drilled pilot holes before screwing the pieces together… It REALLY helps with preventing the wood from cracking or accidentally putting the screw in a bit crooked and so it pops out the side… I screwed the back to the bottom of the shelf first and then finished with the front piece.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used screws for more stability when attaching the bottom and back 1x’s but I just used finished nails on the frontside.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

You’ll notice I have quite the variety of woods and some of the lathe even has plaster on it yet…  That didn’t matter to me since I was planning on painting these fellows.  If you were wanting to stain them and go with the natural wood look, you’ll want to get more similar wood so that it all takes the stain the same! 🙂

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

See what I mean?!?!?!  SIMPLE construction… SUPER easy to put together… And it’s a REALLY quick project!!!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I simply gave them the usual 1 coat of primer and 2 topcoats of a water-based latex paint…  Don’t you LOVE the little bits of plaster still on the lathe?!?!?   I think it’s awesome!!!


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

This is looking from the top of the stairs.

Most of the shelving went here on the stairway… This enormously tall wall totally needed SOMETHING but it couldn’t be anything too wide since it was on the stairway and we were only dealing with so much space.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

My sad empty wall from down the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -


Again… This is from the top of the stairs looking down.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I love how the simple construction of the shelves really seems to show off what’s ON the shelves!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Looking up from the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Don’tcha just love ’em??!?!

*Happy Sigh*

I simply LOVE the idea of gallery shelves because I like to move things all. the. time. but with the lathe and plaster, don’t want to be filling nail holes all the time.  With the shelves, I can move the art and other items as much as my little heart pleases!

Can’t say it enough times… Just try it!!!  You’ll love these guys!!!

What’s the worst that could happen?!?!?  😉

Home Stories A2Z

15 Minute Art!

15 minute art -

So I did this last fall for the bathroom at Mom’s shop.  It really did literally take me 15 minutes. lol!

15 minute art -

It was a completely random combination of sponge painting… Spray Painting with a zebra print stencil… and even flecks of paint with an old toothbrush.

15 minute art -

The frame…. Who once was gold, got a coat of black spray paint.  I simply sprayed it on, then wiped it off with a rag.  Again…. No method to the madness!

So if I can do it? You can TOTALLY do it!

How fun to have original art in your home made by YOU!!!!

Try it!!!!   What’s the worst that can happen?!?!?!

36 Things to do with Bottles, Mason Jars, and other Glassware!

Do you ever find yourself perusing your own Pinterest Boards late at night?


Reminding yourself of all the projects that you fell in love with and want to re-create for your own home?


As you’re drowsily browsing, you forget that you’re looking at your OWN board and find yourself thinking, “Wow!  I love this girl!  I’ll bet we could be really great friends!!!”


Then… Suddenly you recognize a few too many pins and in your hazy stupor realize that yes… You are indeed looking at your OWN BOARD.


*cough cough*


That’s a hypothetical situation, of course.



Anyway…. With that out of the way…

I was browsing in a hazy, tired stupor  INTELLIGENTLY looking over my past pins and thought it would be awesome to do a round up of some of my favorite things you can do with bottles, jars, glassware, etc!!!

Round Up of 36 AWESOME ways to use Bottles, Mason Jars, and Other Glassware!  DIY in Real




So without further ado….




Pure and Noble did a tutorial on these adorable bottles…  Hot glue gun? Bottle?  Spray Paint?  I have all that!!!



Design Mom did a tutorial that involved how to drill through glass…



Gorgeous Shiny Things on using looking glass paint on bottles.  Loving this!!!



Crafts by Amanda did a tutorial on using epsom salts to make these lovely jars!  Don’t they just scream icy wintry-ness???



Now the link on pinterest gives me an error that says it contains “inappropriate content.”  *cough cough*  Whatever that means?   Anyway… I’m a sucker for numbers and this totally doesn’t look that hard to re-create. 🙂



Rubber bands and frosty glass spray paint.  Brilliant.



Loving the various shapes of the vases, yet how they’re unified by the color.  Also love the look of “painted from the inside” as opposed to painting the outside.  Sugar & Charm did a tutorial on this!



I Love This and That did a tutorial…  I like the idea of using sheet music even better!  Although this is pretty sweet too…



Between Naps on the Porch did a tutorial….  I totally want to do this with shells from our honeymoon to Cancun.



DIY Tutorial by Centsational Girl.  Same idea as the other vases painted on the inside only SWIRLED.  Sweet!!!



Same idea as the mirror spray paint, only Villa Barnes used liquid silver leaf.  Interesting!  And those bottles are just awesome.



So THIS is how they do it!!  A tutorial by Picklee on how to cut glass bottles using Cotton String, Acetone Nail Polish Remover, a match, and a pot of ice cold water.



Twigg Studios did a tutorial on how to make your bottles look like sea glass.  THIS is why I love re-looking at all my boards!!! I totally forget awesome projects like this that I want to try!



This isn’t a tutorial… And you can actually buy them for $20 each… But it DOES seem like an easy enough DIY!



Here’s another one that doesn’t look too hard to DIY!



I’m kinda totally digging the wooden tag/jar combo.   Homeroad did a tutorial on the wooden tag.  <3



My Design Folder did a tutorial on how to color glass.  Since she didn’t use modge podge and food coloring, it’s waterproof too!



LOVE this.  The downside? I think the tutorial is in French.  😉



Fox Hollow Cottage did this tutorial.  So simple, yet brilliant!  A GREAT instant gratification project!



Liking how they combined bottles & twine and then pulled 3 of them all together for an awesome centerpiece.  Tutorial by Pressing On.



Same concept but I’m loving the various sized bottles!!!  (Can’t find a link back to original project.)



Loving Shanty 2 Chic’s tutorial on this wine bottle wall vase!  Looks totally easy with supplies you could get at any home improvement store!  This is the best tutorial I’ve seen for this type of project!  Love!



Jar.  Burlap. Twine. Key.    Yes… That’s a great combination!  Making Home Base did a tutorial on this simple project!  Adore.



A Creative Mint.   Again.  Loving the concept of various sizes/type of containers all tied together with a simple coat of spray paint!  With the glossy white paint, these all look like milk glass!



  I would be remiss if I did not include at least one project with chalkboard paint!!! lol!   No tutorial, but it looks easy enough to diy!  Inspiration from



b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t.l.y. simple way to etch polka dots. One of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!?!” moments! 🙂  Tutorial by the girls at Beautiful Mess.  They definitely get the genius award! 😉



So simple…. But is it just me or is this one of those projects that make you want to say, “Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!” to???



Cuteness!!!  Loving the paint job too!  You can buy these for 12.99 or DIY! 🙂  They look pretty easy to re-create and oh. so. cute.



Elmers glue, food coloring, and water painted onto clear glass jars will turn them whatever color you’d like! The non-waterproof yet much simpler option to tinting glass jars!  Check out Craftberry Bush’s tutorial!



Now for some organizational ideas for jars/bottles!    Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars–spray paint lid and add knob!  Nice!!!    Unfortunately the pinterest link is bad and I can’t read the watermark to see who to give credit too.  Anyone have better eyesight than I do??!  Whatever the case, this is an awesome organizational idea!



This is very much like what I did in my office.  I love it!!!  No tutorial in the link, so I’ll try to get a tutorial made up of how I did mine anyway! 🙂



Ha!  This is awesome!  Loving this organizational idea.  It’s Overflowing did a tutorial.  Liking this a lot!



Wouldn’t this be so awesome for camping??  Totally another AHA! moment! 🙂  The Burlap Bag details this easy project out!



Ha!  Loving this!!!  Simple yet awesome!



Mason Jar Twine Holder tutorial by A Casarella.  I have so many stray rolls… this would be an awesome fix!



Annnnnnd! I’m going to leave you with this very gross-looking yet incredibly effective option to catching morbid amounts of fruit flies!  Passionate Homemaking did a tutorial.  I can vouch for it!  Handsome Man showed this to me years ago and it does really work! 😉

So there you go!  My top 36 things to do with bottles, mason jars, and other glassware!  Now go do one of the projects!!!!!!

After all, “what’s the worst that can happen?!?!”

Spring? Where art thou? A DIY on fancying up a cheap pitcher!

Yes… We got a skiff of snow last night and Spring doesn’t feel very close at all.


The groundhog lied.

And I’m pretty sure the robins are regretting their decision to come back so soon.



Regardless….  I’m in the mood to post something SPRING-Y!


DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

This was a SUPER easy project that you could totally do while curled up on the warm couch watching a movie.

This makes me think of outdoor parties… and having friends over… and grilling… and well…

SPRING!!! lol!

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

All you need are cheap glass pitchers… (I got these at Wal-Mart)

Copper wire… Or any finish wire, I suppose? (I used stripped electrical wire, actually. Cause that’s just what I had lying around if I remember right.  Craft wire from a hobby store would work too as long as it doesn’t rust?)

Beads of choice…

And a pliers/wire cutters/jewelry tools/etc… Use whatever your weapon of choice is.  😉

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

As you can see close up…. I just wrapped the wire round and round the handle adding curlies here and there along with the occasional beads.  Super easy!

DIY in Real Life: How to fancy up a cheap pitcher

I even made some napkin rings while I was at it.

The only downside?  Ummm…. In this picture, it looks like pee.

Sorry about that.

I didn’t have lemonade on hand so I just used yellow food coloring.

Yeah…  Not really convincing.



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