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Christmas Ornament Cuteness!

So when I first started unpacking Christmas, this was the first thing I wanted to do was recreate a mix of these inspirations.


Inspirations for




Inspirations for


Inspirations for


Only I wanted something more subtle than ribbon.  If I wanted to go even more subtle, I could even have used fishing line to make it look like they were simply floating!

Next year maybe?

Instead, I used this stuff again.

You know, the stuff that comes on a roll that lasts forever!




And I love the result!!


Christmastime at

Seriously??!  Could it look any happier??!



Christmastime at

They’re so Christmas-y and happy looking!


Christmastime at



Christmastime at

I hung them on the front door too!




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Well… We officially had our first snow!  It was the light-fluffy-keep-you-snowed-indoors-snuggled-on-the-couch-type-of-snow. We got maybe 5-6 inches, which by February won’t be enough to keep us snowed in.  But something about that first snow begs for cuddling on the couch with popcorn, hot chai/coffee, and a cute baby and hubby watching old movies.  Simply glorious!

Christmastime at



And my man brought over all the Christmas shortly before it all happened.  (We keep it all stored in the basement of one of our duplexes since we have very little storage here due to converting the storage closet into a bigger bathroom.  To see what I mean, check out this post)



Christmastime at


I’ve spent the last week decorating here and there.



Christmastime at

Totally different from past year’s with a munchkin around.



Christmastime at

Emma is a TOTALLY happy and delightful baby…. As long as you’re giving her lots of attention.  Takes after her daddy.  😉



Christmastime at


So I’m getting used to a new normal.  Instead of hitting it all in one day and being done, it takes a week.  And I’m okay with that.



Christmastime at

I’m okay with the boxes hanging around a bit longer.  I’m okay with it not being instantly Christmas.




Christmastime at

A friend shared this article on Facebook and I loved it.

“If baking cookies and watching your kids sling sprinkles all over the kitchen is going to make you yell today? Then no. Don’t do it. Always choose the relationship with your kids over the Advent activity that makes you scream. Always choose the Simple over the Pinnable.  Listen, the only person who expects you to accomplish All The Things on that list? Is you.”



Christmastime at


Even now, I’m writing this blog post in several settings.  Because Emma wants to eat.  Then she’ll happily play on the floor awhile.  She’s so close to crawling.  She actually scoots quite well now – but only backwards! 😉  Then she wants to snuggle.  So we snuggle.  Then she sits for a while laughing at Kaydee, the dog.  Then she wants to be held again.  Actually, I’m currently typing one-handed as she sleepily lies on the other giggling at the Christmas tree.



Christmastime at

I’m not sure if it’s the lights or the colorful ornaments, but she loves looking at it – giggling.  It’s hilariously adorable.



Christmastime at


I guess all that to say… Life changes.  I’m still getting used to a new normal.



Christmastime at



But for now, I’ll enjoy my week-long Christmas decorating… And the munchkin that changed everything.



Christmastime at



Christmastime at



Christmastime at



Christmastime at



Christmastime at



Christmastime at





Finally!!!!  THE FINAL REVEAL!


Bathroom Remodel by






What started as THIS….








Ended up like THIS:

Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by




So here’s the run-down of my to-do list.

*Tear out all old lathe & plaster

*Tear out wall between closet and bathroom making them one larger room

*Re-install new plumbing

*Re-install new electric

*Tile the floor

*Install new shower/tub

*Install drywall

*Have drywall guy finish the mudding

*Paint walls

*Find vanity & paint it

*Build shelves on sides

*Tile backsplash with gorgeous square glass tiles

*Paint side shelves

*Install hardware (towel holder, toothbrush & toothpaste holder, etc…)

*Install industrial shelving in nook between exposed brick chimney and wall

*Install “wonderwall” like Lettered Cottage’s behind toilet

*Install a towel hanger/crate shelving on wall opposite the shower

*Hang bamboo shades

*Sew curtains that play nicely with shades

*Install floorboards

*Paint all trim

*Install threshold between wood floors in hallway and tile in bathroom


Yes… You’ll notice those last three aren’t crossed off yet….   Those are still on my to-to list. 😉

They joys of doing most everything by oneself.  (And by oneself, I mostly mean Handsome Man.  Because cutting floorboards does take a fair amount of exactness.  And while I can do it, we know that caulking becomes my best friend.  And I just prefer Handsome Man do it! 😉 )




Regardless….   I loooooove my bathroom!!! 🙂






Bathroom Remodel by


Bathroom: Yet Another Shelf??!

This is another one of those favorite-parts-of-my-bathroom!


Bathroom Remodel by

One side holds a basket of odds and ends… the other side holds all our toilet paper.

Obviously I need to go shopping.  We’re down to one roll. Not good.

Bathroom Remodel by

I love that this holds all our towels on the backside of the wall at one end of the shower.  It’s just within reach, so I don’t need to tromp water all over the bathroom if I forgot to grab a towel before jumping in the shower.

My dad and brothers are water trompers. Drives. Me. Crazy.

It never failed… I’d walk into the bathroom with clean socks and…


I’d step in water.

Pet peeve.

And I can say all this about them because I’m pretty sure none of them read my blog.

And if they do….

Guys, there’s still time. You’re not old dogs.  Learn a new trick.

Stop water-tromping.

Bathroom Remodel by


Love this light fixture too!

5 bucks and some spray paint, baby!

And Handsome Man bought me an Edison bulb for it.

That man knows the way to my heart. <3

Bathroom: Shelves behind Toilet

So when we bought our house, I desperately wanted to do a wall like this one from the Lettered Cottage.



FANTASTIC wall!!!  Initially I wanted to do it on the wall in the living room that you first see when you walk in the door.

Handsome Man didn’t think it was a good idea.  Something about too many plumbing lines, electric, and heat ducts? Whatever.

Anyway… I opted for a much smaller version in my bathroom!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comHello behind-toilet-wall!

First I added a distressed 2×6 to close in that awkward gap between the wall and the chimney.  Yay for Handsome Man knowing how to screw into solid brick!

He’s cute AND functional!!!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comBathroom Remodel by

Gross huh?

This is the downside to screwing into brick.  Especially above the toilet paper holder.

Bathroom Remodel by

I used scrap 2×6’s for the frame and these hardwood flooring samples for the backside to look like planks.

Bathroom Remodel by

Personally, I think the idea of using the flooring samples is genius.

Who thought of doing that anyway???

Oh right… That was me! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

All said and done, this is what she looks like.

Bathroom Remodel by

I have all the things that make my heart go pitter-patter on this wall.

Bathroom Remodel by

Shells and coral from our honeymoon trip to Cancun and a family trip to Puerto Rico…

Bathroom Remodel by

The big conch shell was from Florida…

Bathroom Remodel by

Some pretty books….

Yeah…. I LOVE this part of my bathroom!

Not a whole Wonderwall like the Lettered Cottage’s….  But enough to make me very happy!

Painting Pillows??

I had someone ask about my striped pillows that you kinda saw in the background of this post.


How to Paint Pillows - by


They’re actually painted!  Spray painted that is….



How to Paint Pillows - by

First I cut the squares of fabric the size I needed to make the pillows…

How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I taped off random stripes with painter’s tape…



How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I spray painted them with this paint…

How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I removed the tape and sewed them into pillows.  I used this tutorial by Chalkboard Blue.  Super simple!

Now that I have the stencil, I kinda wanna make chevron ones! 🙂


How to Paint Pillows - by

Making Antique Looking Mirrors….

How to make antique-looking mirrors by

Home Heart Craft did a great tutorial on this…  *cough cough*

Admittedly, I read through it quickly once and then just went at it.  Thankfully this is one of those reeeeeeeally easy projects that isn’t too complicated at all! 😉


You only need 4 items.

*Looking Glass Spray Paint – (I got mine at Hobby Lobby… I know it was hard to find there for a while, but if all else fails, look online!)






*Glass – I used a picture frame and just took the glass out, did the project, then put it back in the frame.



How to make antique-looking mirrors by

All I did was mix the vinegar and the water in a small spray bottle and spritzed the glass…


How to make antique-looking mirrors by

As you can see in the top left corner, some of the water pooled up there making some super awesome antiquing action going on. Love when that happens.

Then I sprayed a thin coat of the looking glass paint and continued to alternate those 2 steps.  Sometimes I’d do a few coats of the paint for every spritz of water.

It actually takes quite a few coats of the paint.


When you put the glass back in the frame, you will want a darker colored backing behind it as some of that peeps through.



How to make antique-looking mirrors by

I made a couple of the mirrors and put them on my “free shelves” that I built a few months ago.  In addition to all the pictures I put up there, I have a few quotes as well.  I happen to love this one! 🙂



How to make antique-looking mirrors by

And I want to go back THERE sooooo badly!  🙂

Beach anyone??!



How to make antique-looking mirrors by


How to make throw pillows from placemats!

Yes… These pillows are made from placemats.



Making pillows out of table placemats by


Awesome, no?  And they totally took me like 5 minutes each to do!



Making pillows out of table placemats by

I bought this and this placemat from Target…….  I also bought a table runner (The yellow one) from TJ Maxx and made pillows the same way as the placemats!


Making pillows out of table placemats by

They’re double thick with a front piece and a back piece, so it was SUUUUUPER simple to  just cut the end off, leaving me with an open “sack-like thing” for the lack of a better description.

Making pillows out of table placemats by

Then I pulled the stuffing out of another old pillow that I didn’t use any more and crammed it into the new pillow.

Making pillows out of table placemats by

I even managed to do it all with this young munchkin in the sling while I worked.

(Come on….. You had to know I’d get a picture of Emma in here somehow!!! 🙂  )

Making pillows out of table placemats by

Then it was just a matter of sewing up the end and throwing them on the couch!

How easy is that?!?!?!

I’m totally into pattern mixing right now so expect to see a few more pillows here in the near future!  In the meantime…. Adoring these!!! 🙂

Nursery Window Coverings



So kid’s curtains are fun!  You can do things to them that you can’t do in any other room!


Girl Nursery Curtains by


Say for instance….


Girl Nursery Curtains by

You want to use actual branches for the curtain rods?

You can do that in a nursery!

Girl Nursery Curtains by

Or say you want the branches to be white and glittery?

You can do that in a nursery!

Girl Nursery Curtains by

Or say you want various happy colored ribbon to attach the curtain to your branch/curtain rods?

You can do that in a nursery!!!

Girl Nursery Curtains by

Or say you want to use gray/white chevron for the curtain tie backs?

You can do that in a nursery!!!

Girl Nursery Curtains by

Because in a nursery…

You can pretty much do anything!!!

Girl Nursery Curtains by

Because it’s a nursery…

The sky is the limit!!! 🙂

Tutorials on Pom-Poms, Chinese Lanterns, and MORE!

Okay….. Now!  How did I do all these hanging goodies???


Girl Nursery Making Poms




(AKA: My favorite)

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So this one was suuuuper easy and suuuuuuuuper time consuming.  But totally worth it and it will steal your heart!


I got the original idea from this girl at Ada’s Interior Design!

Ahhh-mazing, no??!

Girl Nursery 6

Anyway… I just grabbed 2 packages of coffee filters… (Dude, they’re like .89 a package! Isn’t this a cheap upgrade??!)

Take a filter, pinch the center with one hand, and pull up the coffee filter with the other.

Girl Nursery 7

I simply started in one spot at the top and began working my way down.

Nursery Snapshot

I used a low-heat glue gun because that’s what I had at the time.  Ada suggested using the low-heat as well because the big high heat gun can leave some definite marks on one’s skin if you know what I mean!  OUCH!

Girl Nursery 10

Just put some glue on the tip of the coffee filter and shove onto the Chinese lantern, keeping them all pretty close so as to avoid bare patches.

Girl Nursery 11

Be prepared.  It takes a while.

Girl Nursery 12

A looooong while.  BUT it’s AWESOME when it’s done!!!!



Girl Nursery Making Poms



Be forewarned…

Less than ideal, taken-late-at-night-when-lighting-was-bad pictures will follow on this next one….


Girl Nursery 14

Observe my attractive pj-wear!   😉

Handsome Man’s STUD Scooby-Doo pajamas!  Jealous??!

(Scooby-Doo pajama’s suggested but are optional when making this lantern)

I had a few faded ugly brown lanterns so I decided they definitely needed an upgrade.  I chose bright, happy orange to cover it and it totally works!

Girl Nursery 16

This one was super easy AND super quick.  I like those!

Again, low-heat glue gun…. Cut tissue paper into strips.  My strips were approximately 4 inches wide.  Cut scallops… (Or zig-zags… Or fringe…. Or whatever you prefer)

Starting at the bottom, hot glue round and round the Chinese lantern and push the top of the strip into the hot glue trail.

Like I said, suuuuper easy!

I think I got the idea from here?  It was on my Pinterest board anyway!


Girl Nursery Making Poms

I didn’t really bother doing a tutorial on these guys because everyone and their dog has a tutorial on how to do them.

Nursery Hanging Pom

I used THIS tutorial…. The only change I made was that I used like twice as many sheets of tissue paper as I did the first one and decided I wanted them fuller.  And you KNOW how I feel about fullness, right??! 🙂


Girl Nursery Making Poms

Because I like glitter, at least one of these fellows had to be sparkly!

And no… I didn’t have a tutorial for this…

And no…. I’ve never seen anyone do it…

And no… I had NO clue what I was doing…

But really? When has that ever stopped us before?

Are you with me????

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So yeah… I just spray painted the ugly faded brown Chinese lantern with regular gray spray paint and threw iridescent glitter on it as I went along.  No science to it at all…  Just wing it! 😉

I think that pretty much covers all the DIY stuff I hung….  As previously mentioned I got the yellow Chinese lanterns and the pink POLKA DOT lanterns at Hobby Lobby.  I love them a lot.  😉

Girl Nursery Making Poms

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