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Word to the wise:

Never think to yourself…


“Self… You’re just painting a little.  You’re just rolling paint on with a foam roller and a chevron stencil.” - CUTE Chevon!!


“No need to change clothes… I’m SURE you’ll be fine!” - Bad painting experience!

Because it will be at THAT point that you sit on the roller full of paint.




Don’t ask.  I don’t want to talk about it.

It’s THAT time of year…

Yes.  The flu. The colds.



Or in some cases… BOTH.


Poor sick lady!

That’s my poor ‘punkin.

Respiratory Flu.

Usually she’s hands-down a daddy’s girl.  Honestly, unless she’s hungry, she prefers him.


Poor sick lady!

Unless she’s sick.  Then all she wants is momma.

She’s had it for 5 days now.

So for pretty much 24 hours a day, I’ve held her.

Handsome Man had it too for a couple days.

So now there’s dishes filling the sink…

Kleenexes scattered in piles by the couch and chairs…

The living room where we’ve camped out this week is completely trashed…

And we’ve been eating an awful lot of chinese take-out…

And that bothers me.

But I’m trying to learn how mommy-hood is more important than all that.

And so I’ve been snuggling my ‘punkin…

One-handedly surfing Pinterest…

And catching up on Downton Abbey.

(I mean WHO saw Matthew dying???  I didn’t. I’m upset.)

And now… She’s tired of sitting with daddy again.  

So I’ll one-handedly surf Pinterest…

(Maybe I should organize them and  clear out the ones I don’t find inspiring anymore?)

And maybe I’ll get caught up on the last season of Doctor Who…

But most importantly, I’ll snuggle her…

‘Cause I’m pretty sure that’s my most important job right now.

2 years.

2 years ago today I married this incredible man.

DSC_0378I’m so very grateful God gave him to me! He’s not perfect, but there’s no doubt he is PERFECT for ME!


It’s fantastic how his strengths are my weaknesses.

S&N950Samuel Lyon, thank you for who you are!


Thank you for your patience.


For helping me learn to communicate even when I don’t want to.


For happily delving into crazy projects.


And for being so incredibly sexy. (I suppose you can’t really help that last one. But I’m glad you are anyway!)


Looking forward to another year married to you, love!

My FAVORITE Addition to the Nursery!!!



She’s here and as cute as the nursery is, it doesn’t even come CLOSE to comparing to the CUTENESS of my Emma Lee!



She’s already changed so much!


This is her favorite position!

Knees hiked up underneath her, little bum in the air, snuggled on mommy’s chest.

It’s hilariously cute!


She’s quite fond of her daddy!


Sometimes it’s best just to yawn and snuggle with daddy!


Who knew Handsome Man would be so awesome at manicures??


Milk Coma…  I love when she TOTALLY sacks out like this!  Ha!!



And yes… I totally rationalize posting lots of pictures of her adorableness because:

1. She’s too cute NOT to show off!

2. It doesn’t get much more DIY in Real Life than having a baby! 😉

An Obvious Lack of Posts….

Ahhh yes….  I fell off the wagon waaaaaaay sooner than expected.   Speaking of expecting, that’s precisely why I fell off the wagon! 🙂


Yes…. We are expecting a munchkin in June!!!


"New Lyon lil pumpkin"

“New Lyon lil pumpkin”


Yes, it took me a few days to get adjusted to the idea of mom-ness…

Yes… about the time I grew used to the idea, morning sickness hit…

YES… Morning sickness is a total lie.  It was ALL-FREAKING-DAY-SICKNESS for me…  (I lost 15 lbs…  Great weight-loss program, I guess, but I missed eating.  Anything.  lol!)

Yes… Now that I’m 2nd trimester, life is good again and I’m looking forward to getting back to LIFE!!!  🙂


Here’s to hoping you’ll be seeing MORE of me!

My first pickle binge!

My first pickle binge!

How’s about a little intro to who we are??!

Why do you call yourself “DIY in Real Life    *What’s the Worst that can Happen??!” 

Nicole:  Ummmm…. I’ll blame that one on mom.  Her famous line was, “Yeah!  Go for it!  What’s the worst that can happen??!”  Still my favorite thought!  Seriously, why not go for something even if you totally don’t know exactly what you’re doing?  What if you pick the wrong paint color?  The worst that can happen is that you….  Repaint it?  So you lost a few hours and a gallon of paint!  Big deal!  You learned something from it!


How did you get started with all this DIY stuff?

Nicole:  Okay… So I’ll blame that one on mom too!  She seriously is the most supportive person you’ll ever meet.  By age 18 I DIY’ed our kitchen, dining room, (twice) living room, my bedroom, a brother’s bedroom, and way too much furniture.

I was laying a tile backsplash… (Without much of a clue what I was doing…)

Re-laminating a countertop…. (Which didn’t really work. *Cough Cough*)

Installing a sink…..  (Plumbing?  How hard can THAT be?)

Painting….  A lot….


And she just let me do it???!?!?  Wha—???!?


Yeah. She’s awesome like that.



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