I haven’t been the most faithful of bloggers lately.  (Hopefully that will soon change as I’m working on Christmas decorating and can’t wait to show it off!)


I guess it boils down to life changing.  I adore this precious munchkin.



But let’s face it…

The to-do list doesn’t get completed nearly as fast, if at all and I don’t get to work on the random projects whenever I want anymore.


In fact… I’m frantically typing this as she is surprisingly happy to be playing on her mat.  Her first 2 little teethes are popping out and let me tell you… It’s been very little sleep and quite a bit of angry baby the last couple days… And nights! 😉


She recently started noticing Kaydee, (our dog) and so I’m pretty sure that’s why she’s so happy there on the floor.  She’s desperately trying to scoot off her play mat over to her happily cooing!  It’s kinda adorable.


Anyway… That’s what I’ve been up to.  More posts to follow… Hopefully! 😉

Thanks for being so patient with this momma who’s still obviously trying to learn the ropes!

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