Google Reader is goooooing, gooooing, gooooooone…..

Google Reader vs. Bloglovin


Mkay.  Did anyone else totally flip out when news surfaced about Google Reader shutting down???!   WHAT!?!?!?

I subscribe to over 150 blogs for crying out loud!  How was I to follow everyone now?


What I didn’t know was that there were actually other options out there!  And so, because I was moderately ticked off at Goggle Reader, I decided to explore the other options despite the fact that it doesn’t actually shut down until like JULY.  “PSH!  Google Reader!!! Who needs that?!?”



I chose Bloglovin’.  And…. Despite a very slight learning curve… *gasp*  I like it BETTER than Goggle Reader!!! (Whaaaaat?)

It’s true.  I love it.

It’s super easy to transfer your Google Reader list.

It’s easy to navigate.

It has an awesome iphone app.

Yeah.  Not all change is bad!  (Take that Google!)  I waited to review it till I’d used it a couple weeks to see if it really was going to work for me and whatdoyaknow?  I’m still happy with it!



There’s also another popular one….  Feedly.  I was so happy with Bloglovin’ that I didn’t really check into it that much…  But here are links to a few posts where other blog-reading-addicted bloggers posted the difference between Blogger and Feedly.

Nosh On It did an article on “Which RSS Reader Reigns Supreme?” (They actually rate Feedly higher.  Mostly because of the smartphone app.  They test with Androids, not iPhones.  Since I have iPhone, their assessment of the smartphone thing doesn’t really apply to me.)

Revolution of Love did a Pros and Cons post on both Bloglovin and Feedly

A Bloglovin’ Tutorial by Nutritionella


Good luck with the transfer of readers!  I have a feeling you’ll really like it in the long run!!! 😉

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