Bathroom: Yet Another Shelf??!

This is another one of those favorite-parts-of-my-bathroom!


Bathroom Remodel by

One side holds a basket of odds and ends… the other side holds all our toilet paper.

Obviously I need to go shopping.  We’re down to one roll. Not good.

Bathroom Remodel by

I love that this holds all our towels on the backside of the wall at one end of the shower.  It’s just within reach, so I don’t need to tromp water all over the bathroom if I forgot to grab a towel before jumping in the shower.

My dad and brothers are water trompers. Drives. Me. Crazy.

It never failed… I’d walk into the bathroom with clean socks and…


I’d step in water.

Pet peeve.

And I can say all this about them because I’m pretty sure none of them read my blog.

And if they do….

Guys, there’s still time. You’re not old dogs.  Learn a new trick.

Stop water-tromping.

Bathroom Remodel by


Love this light fixture too!

5 bucks and some spray paint, baby!

And Handsome Man bought me an Edison bulb for it.

That man knows the way to my heart. <3

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