Bathroom: Where it all began

So, long ago… before marriage… and a baby… and all things that those entail…


We bought this house.  Almost 3 years ago to be exact!

Happy anniversary House!


We as you know, it was a foreclosure. A fantastic deal that made this house a perfect investment.  We knew it wouldn’t be our “forever home” but it was a great “for now investment home.”


Part of the reason we got it for such a great deal was that all of the pipes in the entire house had frozen and burst.


That little thing happened to be an AWESOME turn of events for us!  Because not only were we able to get a great deal on the house, but it forced us to totally gut the bathroom and kitchen to replace the plumbing.


Because we had to completely start from scratch, we could totally re-think how our bathroom layout was going to be.



Previous Bathroom Layout by

This is what it looked like originally.  It was a tiiiiiiiiny bathroom and a very small closet next door. It had too many big windows for a bathroom. And it had a very weird layout.  And that’s not even getting into the lavender walls and royal blue drop ceiling!  Nice, huh??


I wish I had pics of it before!  I can’t seem to find them!



Here’s one of the storage closet mid-demolation.  We were cussing out the lathe and plaster walls saying goodbye to the turquoise lathe and plaster walls at this point!  YAY!




Gutting these rooms was not an easy task.  Especially the ceilings.  I hate the ceilings.  It’s that whole gravity thing.  Even while wearing safety glasses, I got junk in my eyes.  Blech!


And here’s Handsome Man ripping out walls, moving drain pipes, and just generally looking handsome! Rawr!

Actually, the whole idea of ripping out the walls and the new layout was all him!!!  My brain didn’t really work that way previous to this house.  I did lots of renovations, but they never entailed moving things like WALLS!

New Bathroom Layout by

This is what the new and improved layout looked like.

It feels SOOOO much bigger now!  The layout makes a lot of sense now that we have 3 very separate “areas” for the sink, the shower, and the toilet.  Having the door on a diagonal made a whole vanity attainable instead of just the pedestal sink.  The windows were replaced for smaller ones that weren’t as revealing.

In the next posts, I’ll take a trip down our proverbial memory lane to see just how we got from here to there!

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