Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 3

Have I mentioned that this bathroom is my favorite room in the house??  You’ll start to see why!


Bathroom Remodel by

After tiling, we hung the mirror… No one the wiser to our sneaky little cost effective trick…


Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comNext came the caulking and painting.  I did the standard 1 coat of primer, 2 coats semi-gloss white topcoat.

ccbathroomduringvanity25 copy

Keep in mind, when you use plywood, you’ll get a fair amount of woodgrain showing despite painting it. I wanted that look, but if you don’t I suggest you use something else.

Again with the junk?!?!?  I swear the stuff multiplies!!

In my defense, most of it ended up in baskets on the shelves! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

I bought this ugly brass light fixture for like $5 and bought new lightbulb covers from Menards!  I love them!

Wait… Are they called covers?

Globes?  No…. Globes sounds rather 80’s-ish.

Let me look Google it. Now it’s bothering me.  Hang on……

Shades.  They’re called shades.  That’s odd.  I didn’t think to call them that.  It doesn’t sound right.  A shade is like a lamp shade!  It’s traditionally cloth.  And solid colored.  Not glass.

Whatever.  I like the shades.

Bathroom Remodel by

Such a beauty!  Whowoulda guessed she could look like this after being such a ratty old girl??

Bathroom Remodel by

Still need to get better baskets, but I had these on hand already and they do a good job of holding my stuff for now.

Bathroom Remodel by

Kinda love my first aid box…. Can you guess which one holds all the band-aids and Neosporin?? 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

Did you notice my awesome towel holder???

Personally, I think I’m terribly creative.

And humble.  I’m obviously humble too.

Bathroom Remodel by

It swings back and forth, has an awesome untouched patina.  (That’s code for, I didn’t paint it! It’s perfect as-is!)

Sam got it from his grandpa’s auction a few years back and I was THRILLED to find the perfect place to showcase it!

I love it so much more than a cheap towel ring we could have gotten from Menards!

Bathroom Remodel by

On the other side, we hung a mason jar from a large hose clamp that I spray painted the same looking patina as the other hardware.  Also… I hung this thing.  I have NO idea what it is.  It also came from Handsome Man’s Grandpa’s auction.  I love it.  I hang my washcloth from it.

(I also just accidentally typed warsh instead of wash.  Apparently the fact that Handsome Man’s grandpa lives in Missouri is rubbing off on me! 😉  )

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