Bathroom: Tub Install

After getting all the tile installed, I put in most of the insulation.

Nasty. Nasty stuff.

It’s a wretched job.  But it doesn’t take a lot of skill.  So I did that while Sam did things that took brains.  Like plumbing.

Again, no pictures of the insulation.  Because I did that part.  And pictures of me working rarely surface. 🙂



Next came the tub install.

It would be another 2 months before we also had water in the house for the aforementioned tub.  But still.  🙂



Bathroom Remodel by

I love this picture because Handsome Man looks confused, our boxer, Kaydee looks extremely bored. and I’m giggling behind the camera. 😉

It was at this point that things appeared to be coming together! Sloooooooowly!

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