Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 1

Initially, my vanity inspiration was this bathroom by The Lettered Cottage.

A beautiful room… I wanted to replicate that vanity so badly!!

Bathroom Remodel by

This is actually one of my original crude sketches of what I was thinking.  I love my finished product a lot better than this! 😉

My first stroke of luck was when Handsome Man’s mom and dad saw this ratty old buffet in a pile of junk by the street that someone was getting rid of.  Again… No before pics.  I. Am. Kicking. Myself.

It was horrible.  The top was warped and pulling up in places…  It was wretchedly grungy… and in desperate need for some luvin’!

I brought it home…

Cleaned it up…

Removed the warped top…

Cut a few inches off the feet to make it vanity level…

And painted the livin’ daylights out of it!

Bathroom Remodel by

After distressing it a bit, I ended up with this pretty lady!

Bathroom Remodel by

After adding 1x’s for the new top & staining and sealing them, we installed the sink.

The sink was actually on sale at Menards and I love her so much!  The granite is so pretty!

Bathroom Remodel by

Next, it was time to add those built-in shelves I love so much!

Entrance: Handsome Man.

Bathroom Remodel by

Because building shelves requires exactness.  And Handsome Man excels at exactness.

Bathroom Remodel by

We used 1/2 in plywood for the majority of these shelves…

Bathroom Remodel by

I have a serious crush on air nail guns.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Or two.  Your choice. 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

Handsome Man built them on the floor first, then we set them up where they belonged after they were done.

Bathroom Remodel by

Being the king of ingenuity, Handsome Man came up with this clever way to get the shelves nailed in straight and all the same hight.  We had these pieces of glass that were the perfect size.  He put 2 on the bottom of the shelves in the shape of a V, and simply set the next shelf on top of them.  After nailing that shelf in, he proceeded to the next shelf.  I thought it was simply brilliant! He impresses me!  🙂

Bathroom Remodel by

I missed photographing a step, of course.  Lifting the shelves into place.  The reason being, it took ALL of both of us to get them up there!  Each one was heavy!!

Bathroom Remodel by

Then it was just a matter of screwing them into the studs.

Next project… Tile the backsplash!!! Whoop whoop!




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