Bathroom: Shelves behind Toilet

So when we bought our house, I desperately wanted to do a wall like this one from the Lettered Cottage.



FANTASTIC wall!!!  Initially I wanted to do it on the wall in the living room that you first see when you walk in the door.

Handsome Man didn’t think it was a good idea.  Something about too many plumbing lines, electric, and heat ducts? Whatever.

Anyway… I opted for a much smaller version in my bathroom!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comHello behind-toilet-wall!

First I added a distressed 2×6 to close in that awkward gap between the wall and the chimney.  Yay for Handsome Man knowing how to screw into solid brick!

He’s cute AND functional!!!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comBathroom Remodel by

Gross huh?

This is the downside to screwing into brick.  Especially above the toilet paper holder.

Bathroom Remodel by

I used scrap 2×6’s for the frame and these hardwood flooring samples for the backside to look like planks.

Bathroom Remodel by

Personally, I think the idea of using the flooring samples is genius.

Who thought of doing that anyway???

Oh right… That was me! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

All said and done, this is what she looks like.

Bathroom Remodel by

I have all the things that make my heart go pitter-patter on this wall.

Bathroom Remodel by

Shells and coral from our honeymoon trip to Cancun and a family trip to Puerto Rico…

Bathroom Remodel by

The big conch shell was from Florida…

Bathroom Remodel by

Some pretty books….

Yeah…. I LOVE this part of my bathroom!

Not a whole Wonderwall like the Lettered Cottage’s….  But enough to make me very happy!

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