Bathroom: Industrial Shelves

So we had this awkward space between the wall and the exposed brick chimney…  It was about 18 inches wide or so.


Incidentally, about this time, Handsome Man took a welding class at the local community college.


I begged him offered him the opportunity to build brackets as practice at class.  Convenient, no? 😉



Bathroom Remodel by

The brackets are slick and classy looking when paired with the nice glass shelves that I already had on hand.

Bathroom Remodel by

I’m pretty sure Handsome Man looks the hottest when he’s helping me with a project.  Funny how that works! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comFirst, he screwed in the 6 brackets…

Bathroom Remodel by

Isn’t the smartphone an amazing invention???!

The level app = Genius 😉

Because really… Can you ever find the level when you really need it?

Bathroom Remodel by

Then we simply added the glass shelves…

Filled the baskets with all my bathroom chaos as shown in the previous post…

And rolled up the towels for the bottom shelf.

Bathroom Remodel by

I even use a stainless steel trash can for my laundry hamper!

Wouldn’t work for everyone, but it totally works in my bathroom! <3

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