Favorite Pins of the Week…




 The DIY Village did this awesome jute wrapped drum shade.  And you know me… A total sucker for awesome lighting… This is no exception!



Good Ideas for You did a tutorial on how to age new galvanized metal using vinegar!  Who knew??



We’re painting our PINK house FINALLLLLLLLY this Spring!  Can I get a HURRAY?!?!  Anyway…. I’m kinda digging this color combo.  Whatcha think??



I’ve been working on yard work the last couple days… (My pregnant hips hate me!) And have a flower bed started in the corner by the street.  HOPEFULLY Handsome Man has time to truck the dirt in SOON!  Anyway… I’ll totally be utilizing this tip from The Homestead Survival to kill the grass!



This lovely eye-candy from On Sutton Place is totally making my heart go pitter-patter! Love.



Is this not the most adorable thing ever??!  Give kids their own flower bed that they are responsible for while you work in the yard. Awww!



Brilliant, no??  Tension rod for all the cleaners in spray bottles. All that usually unused space??  So smart!



I want to curl up here and stay forever.  You’ve simply got to check out the rest of this beach house. *Sigh*



I must try this recipe. It’s supposed to taste just like Panera’s mac and cheese.  And everyone knows Panera’s mac and cheese is heaven in a bowl. Like best mac and cheese ever made.  It’s true. Live Laugh Lynea has the recipe to awesomeness!


This? Makes me snicker.

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