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To start off with… I’ll explain a bit where I’m coming from.  Why I am who I am.

At 16, my dad and mom separated. It was a tough age. Soon I found out that if I had interest in home projects, I would need to do it myself.  I started with painting walls in our house.  Sometimes it was special.  My color choices were far from developed. I was sloppy and it was far from perfect.  What on earth my mom was thinking letting me go, I have no idea!  (That’s the kind of mom I want to be!)  From painting walls to painting furniture to whitewashing a brick fireplace to installing tile to planking a living room ceiling to installing and finishing hardwood floors to remodeling kitchens and whole houses.

Questionable design choices as I was developing my style...


People see where I’m at now, they are impressed. (Or something like that??) What they don’t see are all my failures.  All the things I tried that didn’t work out.  All the mistakes. I STILL make mistakes!!! Like EVERY project!!


So just don’t compare your chapter 1 with my chapter 20. I’ve done a LOT of projects since I was 16.  The more you do, the more comfortable you will be. The more aware of YOUR style you’ll be. The more confident you will be in your designs.  My best advice is just jump in and try it!!! What’s the worst that could happen?



I LOVE being surrounded by beauty.  But I also NEED function.  So if something is simply beautiful, but it makes my life more difficult, I won’t do it.   When something is well organized, pretty, AND super functional – That is when it is “life giving” to me.  Fill your home with things that YOU love… Not things someone else tells you to love.  Make your home life giving – Not life sucking.


Questionable design choices as I was developing my style...

Next I’ll be talking about my house notebook… Yes another notebook.  Yes I have a notebook for everything.  Notebooks are my love language.  😉



Questionable design choices as I was developing my style...

Back when I was rocking a flip phone clipped onto my mom jeans! (I was 18. And not a mom.)

The Return:

Ahh yes.  September.  Last year.  The last time I posted.


I feel like the first 12 months of my baby’s lives is filled with being overwhelmed.  I mean I keep them fed… I play outside… I even keep the house relatively together – most of the time.  But I just don’t get a whole lot more than that done.  Blogging fits in that category.


So to kick off my return… In the next couple weeks I’m planning on doing a series on…


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So stay tuned!  I’ve got all sorts of good stuff coming up!