Kitchen: Nook Remodel – Pt. 2

So like I was saying…  Cabinets.


We used uppers instead of lowers since they were only 12 inches deep instead of 24 inches.  Then we built the bottom up using 2×8’s and wainscoting.

Kitchen: Nook Remodel  by

Fantastic, no??

Kitchen: Nook Remodel  by

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

Added 1x’s to the tops of the cabinets.  Unfortunately they were new 1x’s.  And they looked new.  And I wasn’t too keen on new looking 1x’s.

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

So out came this…

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

And this…

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

And this…

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

And this!

I basically just went at it with any tools I happened to have on hand.

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

Then I stained it…

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

And sealed it…

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

I love some of these imperfections I did.

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

Seriously loving this nook!

Kitchen: Nook Remodel – Pt. 1

Okay…. so you know what our kitchen layout looks like now…


Kitchen Nook Remodel at

See that empty space there at the end?  Initially we intended to put in a breakfast nook in that area.  But in the year and a half it took us to get to this project we realized we wouldn’t actually use it as a breakfast nook.  It tended to acquire a lot of junk and not a lot of use. 🙂

So Sam came up with this idea.

blog kitchennooklayout

It actually took me a while to warm up to the idea.

Now however? I love it!

Kitchen Nook Remodel at

The sign of progress!

Retail Ideas:

So Handsome Man and I went on a spontaneous baby-less date a few weeks ago… (thanks to a mom-in-law and dad-in-law in town who are down with babysitting on a whim!)



As we were walking downtown, I noticed this display in one of the closed shops along the way.  (Excuse the cel-phone-picture-taken-in-the-dark! 😉 )


Retail Ideas by

Loved how inexpensive and “wow-ee” this display is!

Retail Ideas by

Fun, right?

Retail Ideas by

Saw these reclaimed barn-wood boxes at Sears too at another unrelated shopping trip…

Retail Ideas by

So versatile and usable for retail!

Thinking I might make some for the Shop.

(Master’s Hand Candle Co & Gift Shop)

…Or even here at home!

It caaaaaaaame!

So far I’ve been blogging with iPhone pictures…


Which… You know… Works.


But I kept wanting better for you all.


And let me tell you, I am not a photographer.  But… I’m going to give it a shot!


I actually bought this sexy little thing with $$$ from stuff I sold up at the shop and furniture I sold here in Lincoln! Boom baby!


Sexy new camera at

And so THIS came this week!

Can I get a HURRAY from y’all??!

Working on learning to take pictures now on auto-focus until I get the hang of it…

Then switch to manual.

*crossing fingers!*

A DIY Industrial Coffee Cart

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by  - Would make a great kitchen island!!


So last week you saw in this post that we were stocking up on 1×8’s before the storm. - Stocking up before a snowstorm

Well this is what we were working on…

An industrial coffee cart for the Lincoln Home & Garden Show.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by  - Would make a great kitchen island!!

Weddle and Sons Roofing originated in Manhattan Kansas 15 years ago. Last year they opened a branch here in Lincoln, Nebraska and hired Handsome Man to be the Area Manager.

(Our friends Allyn and Emily are the owners.  Yes THIS Allyn and Emily! 🙂 )

So a coffee cart seemed like a good idea because we could use it year after year at both the Lincoln Home and Garden Show and the Manhattan Home and Garden Show.

They always serve coffee and donuts, but there was just something nice about the idea of a bar height service area instead of just sitting on the table.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

Somehow Handsome Man manages to take all the chicken scratch plans that I write down from what’s in my head and make it come to life.  He’s crazy impressive like that!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

So we measured… And cut 2×3’s…

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

Did you know they make 2×3’s? I didn’t!  I feel so out of the loop!

They look less standard than 2×4’s and I like that.  Also, they are a bit lighter… Definitely a plus in this case!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

Especially since we were using 1×8’s to sheet the outside of the cart.  I wanted a good industrial look, which is why we chose that thickness despite the weight.  All in all the cart was lighter than I had expected it would be.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

He cracks me up.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

We also framed up the backside so that when we weren’t using the coffee cart at home shows, it could go down in the Manhattan office to use throughout the year.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

We added a simple shelf in there too for storage.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

After finishing the outside, we added the industrial castor wheels underneath.  If you were using this as a kitchen island, you might consider getting ones that lock?

We got these from Menards… They have lots of various sizes.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

As opposed to getting more stain, I thought I’d use whatever we had in the basement.  First I used traditional cherry…. But it wasn’t dark enough…

So I pulled out some random darker stain… Can’t even remember the name.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

And BOOM! Instantly better!

It was a stain/sealer all-in-one.  Which was good for the sides since they don’t get much for wear.  I did put a couple extra coats of sealer on the top though since it’ll get more wear and moisture.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

Then we added some big heavy L brackets.  They did absolutely nothing structurally… They are merely for that industrial look. And it’s PERFECT!!!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by  I mean really??! How awesome is this!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

We also made industrial “handles” using this tutorial… With the exception that we used galvanized pipe instead of electrical conduit for the horizontal pieces.

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

If you were using this for a kitchen island, the “handles” would make pretty kickin’ towel bars! 😉

The only problem?  Now that it’s done, I REALLY want one too! Ha!!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

The rest of the display came together… Handsome Man worked so hard getting everything together for the Lincoln Home & Garden Show and I’m so very proud of him and it’s success!

Love this DIY Industrial Cart by

And just for a laugh…

We went to Wal-Mart that night to pick up some last minute things.  And it was SOOOOOO cold!  It was like 6 degrees and WINDY!   We drove into the parking lot and could baaaarely drive down any of the lanes because almost every single cart was outside in the cart corrals.  We went inside and there were 10 or so carts at the door.

Our theory?  It was so cold, the cart boys quit! ;)’

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Word to the wise:

Never think to yourself…


“Self… You’re just painting a little.  You’re just rolling paint on with a foam roller and a chevron stencil.” - CUTE Chevon!!


“No need to change clothes… I’m SURE you’ll be fine!” - Bad painting experience!

Because it will be at THAT point that you sit on the roller full of paint.




Don’t ask.  I don’t want to talk about it.