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30+ Great Shelving Ideas!

Round Up- Shelving




Since I just posted about my free shelves last week… I thought I’d kick this week off with a collection of my favorite shelf ideas!  You’ll find an assortment of DIY shelves, ideas on how to style shelves, and more!


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves -




 Shanty 2 Chic did these shelves! These are super similar to my shelves… I love the stained wood look though too!


Tidbits from the Tremayne’s did a whole wall of gallery shelves… Kinda totally digging it!


And what would a shelving post  be without a pallet shelf in there somewhere? 🙂

Amanda Carver Designs did this one and I’m loving the weathered look to it!


Belle Maison did a tutorial on how to style shelves…  Which is awesome cause I totally just throw things up there and move them and move them and move them till it looks right to me! 😉


I like this post from Sawdust Girl for 2 reasons…  First it’s about styling bookshelves… Secondly it’s full of delicious eye-candy!  Lovin’ the pattern on the back of these shelves!



This was a Pinterest thing but the link is broken… Which is sad.  But awesome inspiration, no??


Gail’s Decorative Touch did this shelf.  So. Much. To. Look. At.

The shelf itself is awesome… Styling is even better… Yum!!!


Image from Country Living Magazine/photo by Lucas Allen

There’s so much about this room I love but check out those shelves in the back corner!  Mmmmmm~ Love!!!


Saw this on Houzz… You know how I diiiiiiig the slight industrial look!  Mmmmhmmmm!!!!

ShelvingIdeas11The girls at Beautiful Mess did this ladder shelf.  Not sure what I love more?  The concept of it or the happy yellow color they chose! 🙂 lol!


Better Homes and Gardens did an article on using baskets… But I’m just liking the styling of the shelves in this picture.


Check out this shelf from Ballard Designs…. YUM!


Luuuuuuuving these built-in’s that Thrifty Decor Chick did!  She used upper cabinets for the bases (similar to what we did with Emily’s Coffee Bar) and I’m liking them oodles!  Takes up less floor space and just looks more custom!


Sylvie Liv did these shelves and…. Yeah… Industrial love.


Jenna at SAS Interiors did an awesome tutorial… Gotta check this one out!!


Home Stories A to Z also did a tutorial on styling shelves… I love how she shows where she got all her accessories and I LOVE her creativity in where she found some of them!!!  Spray painted pet store coral?  Ummm…. Can you say genius??  Never would have thought of that!


You can buy this shelf from Cottage Chic Store, but it looks like something you could DIY too with a little work!



Totally digging the use of 2 corbels and a simple 2x!


I know, I know… Overkill on the industrial shelves in this post…  But this shelf from A Keen Life is awesome!


Our Vintage Home Love did this reclaimed lumber shelving (It’s a Restoration Hardware hack) Be still my heart.


A Pinterest find with no source.  Sad. But isn’t this a unique idea??!


Rope shelves?  Fun idea!!!


A Little Glass Box showed off her brilliant idea… Put foam board with wallpaper on back of bookshelf… That way you can change out when you get bored.


Organizing Junkie did a tutorial on organizing open shelves in the kitchen.  And yes. I AM in fact drooling over those shelves.  😉


Remodelando La Casa showed off her awesome built-in cabinets in her bedroom.  Love the bright white and super classy look!


Loving this Pottery Barn inspiration photo I found on Pinterest!  I like how they use the various wicker baskets. Great idea to hold cd’s, dvd’s, etc.


Liking these floating shelves from Thrifty Decor Chick!


This isn’t directly shelf-related but it does help with styling them!


I *LOVE* this!  I mean I’ve seen all manners of consoles, built-in cabinets, etc for TV/Media Centers, but this is new!  And I love it!   Life Thru a Linds showed how she did it!


One word.  Drool.

Vale Designs showed off their before and after…  Gorgeous!

Hope you’ve been as inspired as I have been!

Now go out and do some SHELVES!!!! 🙂

Favorite Pins of the Week…

















Ada’s Interior Design made this awesome lamp out of a chinese lantern and coffee filters.  I actually did one of these this weekend for the nursery!  Can’t wait to show it off!!!



This is kind of a fun idea!!!



Kinda like the idea of a super small cute guest bedroom….



Loving this paint technique!



Isn’t this pretty and unique?



Ummm…. YUM!  Basil and I get along reeeeeally well! 😉  I’ll be trying this one this summer!



DIY fishing glass floats from clear glass ornaments…   So doing this!!!



Closet turned into computer nook… wow!



Liking this wood ceiling & chandelier!!!



This makes me laugh.  A lot.  🙂

DIY Free Shelving!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Yes… I made all these shelves for free.  I just used oodles of my odds and ends scrap wood downstairs.  Now I realize that not everyone has a bunch of scrap wood in their basement….  But you could also do them for free if you used pallets… Or at the very least you could make these super inexpensively even if you went out and bought the wood from a home improvement store!   This is a CRAZY easy project that almost ANYONE could do! Seriously just try it!!!



I needed:

*Wood in varying lengths and widths


*Drill bits



Yes… You’ll need 4 items.  I told you it was easy!!!


You’ll need to overlook the quality of the photos… Try taking pictures AND drilling a hole at the same time.  It’s interesting to say the least!!! 😉


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used all 1×4’s for the “bases” of the shelves, old lathe from when we ripped out the lathe and plaster walls for the “fronts” and then I used a variety of 1×4’s and 1×6’s for the “backs”.   I did this because I didn’t want to go out and buy more lumber so they were all the same I like the variety! 😉   I actually do like the variety and how they turned out though! Haha!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I always drilled pilot holes before screwing the pieces together… It REALLY helps with preventing the wood from cracking or accidentally putting the screw in a bit crooked and so it pops out the side… I screwed the back to the bottom of the shelf first and then finished with the front piece.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I used screws for more stability when attaching the bottom and back 1x’s but I just used finished nails on the frontside.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

You’ll notice I have quite the variety of woods and some of the lathe even has plaster on it yet…  That didn’t matter to me since I was planning on painting these fellows.  If you were wanting to stain them and go with the natural wood look, you’ll want to get more similar wood so that it all takes the stain the same! 🙂

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

See what I mean?!?!?!  SIMPLE construction… SUPER easy to put together… And it’s a REALLY quick project!!!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I simply gave them the usual 1 coat of primer and 2 topcoats of a water-based latex paint…  Don’t you LOVE the little bits of plaster still on the lathe?!?!?   I think it’s awesome!!!


Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

This is looking from the top of the stairs.

Most of the shelving went here on the stairway… This enormously tall wall totally needed SOMETHING but it couldn’t be anything too wide since it was on the stairway and we were only dealing with so much space.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

My sad empty wall from down the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -


Again… This is from the top of the stairs looking down.

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

I love how the simple construction of the shelves really seems to show off what’s ON the shelves!

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Looking up from the stairs…

Free EASY DIY gallery shelves  -

Don’tcha just love ’em??!?!

*Happy Sigh*

I simply LOVE the idea of gallery shelves because I like to move things all. the. time. but with the lathe and plaster, don’t want to be filling nail holes all the time.  With the shelves, I can move the art and other items as much as my little heart pleases!

Can’t say it enough times… Just try it!!!  You’ll love these guys!!!

What’s the worst that could happen?!?!?  😉

Home Stories A2Z

Psh!!! Where have I been anyway??!

Yes… An unintended hiatus has hit my blog.


Firstly… It was nice! SOOOOOO NICE!!!!  The weather felt like Spring *finally* arrived!  We did yard work…. I planted impatients and various perennials in my new flower bed… (More details on that to follow…)  It. was. awesome.

But because this is Nebraska and in Nebraska this year I’m pretty sure Spring is bi-polar… It froze. and snowed.  ON MAY 1ST!!!!!    Okay… So it was funny when it snowed April 1st (April Fool’s Day) last month.  However, it’s NO LONGER FUNNY!!!!  So help me if it snows June 1st too!!!! Haha!  They say it snowed 6 inches of so but thankfully it had been warm enough that only 2 inches stuck.


On the upside, it’s supposed to get warm again!!!



Only in Nebraska can you go from snow one day… Rain the next day… And sunny and a high of 70+ degrees the 3rd day!

Whatever the case… I won’t complain!  BRING on the 70 degree weather!! (Again!)  But so help me… The first person this year that complains about it being too hot is going to get a scathing look from me!!! lol!!!


Also, we spent much of the week flipping one of our rentals.  Handsome Man bought 3 duplexes (6 units total) before we were married.  He bought his first one when he was 19!  Isn’t that awesome? I got so lucky marrying him!  He is wise beyond his years! 🙂  Overall the investments have been great and will be even better when the mortgages are finally paid off! 🙂  He bought all 3 of them pretty rough and has slowly fixed them up over the years.

Sorry!  Had to take a minute there to brag on my guy!!! 🙂


Anyway… one of our tenants moved out and the next tenant moved in 2 days later.  So we had to clean carpets…. scrub walls…


Repainted the red spots on the ceiling…  (How do you even get big red paint splotches on the ceiling anyway?!?!)



And we had to deal with this special little treasure their dog left! lol!

Admittedly we totally didn’t have the time to deal with this particular problem DIY style… We called in the professionals and it looks GREAT!!!! They patched the carpet and just replaced the linoleum.  It looks fantastic.



Anyway…  That’s what I’ve been dealing with lately…  Can’t wait to resume all my projects! So many fun things to report on!

My “free” shelves I built…

The finished painted dressers…

A Nursery update….


Stay tuned!!!!