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Favorite Pins of the Week….

Ready for this weeks edition of my Favorite Pins of the Week???







This gets top-billing for 2 reasons…

Because I am soooooooooo ready for Spring.

And because it’s cute.

But mostly because I’m sooooooooooo  ready for Spring!!! 😉



Anyone else literally drooling over this piece?

Well…. Not literally. Not that I’ll admit anyway.

But….   *drool.*   The slight industrial edge… The old wood… The castor wheels…  The metal corner-pieces-that-I-don’t-know-exactly-what-to-call-other-than-this-really-long-and-awkward-sentence-that-I-have-going-on…




Is it just me or is this crazy cozy?

I might go with a different chandelier hanging from above, but other than that, it’s perfect. 🙂



This would be a cute way to display pictures!   Especially when paired with my next pin… (Pardon the pun.)



Chevron clothes pins?  Whaaaa?

In other news….   Is anyone else slightly obsessed with the whole chevron craze but too lazy to try to actually figure out how to paint a good chevron pattern???

Ummmm yeah.  That’s me.



Speaking of which…. I might actually try it if I can do it like THIS!   It doesn’t look TOO difficult?  Maybe??



Love this fireplace! You could do this to cover up an outdated fireplace, etc….



I want to do this on our front porch floor when we paint!!

And to leave you with a laugh….


Refinishing Wood Floors…

Let’s go back to the very beginning… It’s a very good place to star-r-r-r-t…



I now have that good ‘ol Sound of Music song stuck in my head.  If it’s stuck in yours now too…  You’re welcome.  😉



As to why I picked the title…  We’re going to go back to the first project we really started with in our new house.  The FLOORS!!!


One of the things I loved MOST about this house were the hardwood floors throughout





Yes people… Original hardwood floors e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

Have I mentioned I LURVE hardwood flooring?  I really really do.


Granted they were in rough shape… Not bad, just very very worn.  And since I’ve actually done the whole refinishing-wood-flooring-thing, I wasn’t too worried.


We did our whole house in about 2-3 days, so it’s a good long weekend project.  We wanted to get it done before we moved in so that we wouldn’t have to more furniture from room to room and so that we wouldn’t have to live with the fumes.  The poly sealer can get really strong, so if you’re trying this yourself, you might consider staying at a hotel overnight or something.



DIY in Real Life: Wood Floors


Step 1:  Somehow rope your awesome nephew into coming over and help you pull 246,000 carpet staples (Not exaggerating… much.)  out of the stairs. He pretty much rocked!!!   (In other big questions…. WHO puts carpet on a gorgeous staircase like this??!


DIY in Real Life: Wood Floors


Step 2:  Rent one of these bad boys.  We rented ours from Menards.  (We like Menards.  A lot. Lots better than any of the other Home Improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot.  And as much as we go to aforementioned Menards, they probably like us too! lol!)  Anyway…  Rent one of these bad boys and get a man to run it.

Preferably a very sexy man…

A sexy man wearing Crocs is optional.  😉


Plan on it taking longer than you thought and get a BOATLOAD of the sander pads.  Way more than you think you’ll use.  You can always take them back after the project is done, and then you won’t be making repeated trips to get more.


Not that we made repeated trips.  *cough cough*



DIY in Real Life: Wood Floors


Step 3:  Yes… I’m filthy.   You have no idea.

If you have stairs, this is the lousy part.  I think Sam did 3 bedrooms, a hallway, a laaarge living room and a dining room in about the same time it took me to sand the stairs with orbital sanders.  This is me working on the laaaaaaaast stair tread.  Very very late at night.





Step 4: Sweep up all the sawdust… There will be A LOT.  Then vacuum.

And vacuum…

And vacuum….

And vacuum…

Annnnnnd VACUUME.


I always hate this part.  I’m way to anxious to get to the next step.  But it’s soooooo worth is to go for perfection when it comes to getting ALL the dust.  That’s where Handsome Man is so good for me.  He is really good at going the extra mile and doing it right, whereas I tend to get in a hurry.  A lot of my projects would look a lot better if I just took the extra time!

After vacuuming, go over EVERYTHING with tack cloths getting the last of ALL the dust.


Finally LATE that night… Ummm… Morning actually…  We started staining.  LOVE that step!   Admittedly I freaked out a little because it almost looked PINK!!!!  WHAAAAAT??  3 a.m. in the morning and I’m panicking because the floors looked PINK!  (In the end, once we top-coated with poly, it was perfect! lol!)


DIY in Real Life: Wood Floors



Step 5: YES!!!!!   The rewarding part!  Finally you’ll see what your floors are going to look like!  GORGEOUS!!!!   I always love this part.

A coat of poly…

And another…

And another…

I like a looooot of coats of poly for protection!


DIY in Real Life: Wood Floors





Overall….  although refinishing hardwood floors is one of the most labor intensive projects you can do in your house, I also think it’s one of the most rewarding.  The cost isn’t great if you do it yourself and you’ll have be-YOU-tiful floors when you’re done.  I highly recommend you just try it!!!

What’s the worst that could happen???!  😉

6:07 p.m.









Caulked…. Primed… And top-coated! Just one more coat and its done!!!!!! I’m giddy!! 🙂

I even got a door front/back painted AND a bench I made out of pallets!  How’s THAT for a productive day??

P.S. ignore the junk in the sink. Mentally pretend its not there. 😉

My obvious problem is that I get overanxious to start a project and don’t take the time to… You know…  Clean things up???


Almost everything there will go on the shelves I’m painting.  So….   Ummm…..  That’s my rationalization this time!


You shoulda known what you were getting into when you started reading a blog called DIY in REAL LIFE!!!!!   Haha!!!


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